Plan B Rent-A-Car Sydney, NSW

Plan B Rent-A-Car Sydney, NSW

Plan B is available 24/7 if you have been involved in a road traffic accident and are ‘Not at Fault’.

Contact Details
Address: PLAN B Rent-A-Car, 1/43 Magowar Road, Pendle Hill, NSW 2145
Phone: 0490 348 763

About Plan B Rent-A-Car Sydney

Plan B was formed to provide accident replacement vehicles to not at fault clients. This ensures our clients can carry on their day to day life in a smooth manner.

Plan B replaces like to like vehicles ranging from small cars to prestige cars.

We differentiate ourselves from competitors by providing a high level of customer service to our clients and business partners with greater commercial efficiency.

A never say never attitude also helps. Our excellent staff have specific expertise to ensure that our services are constantly evolving to meet the requirements of those we work with and state of the art systems, technology helps back this up.

Plan B believe in customer excellence and ensure putting our clients at ease and exactly as how they are pre-accident. Plan B believes in Trust, Transparency and Technology.

Plan B not only provides vehicles for accident replacement, but also on cash rental basis and corporate hire.

Plan B differentiation

  • All aspects of claim dealt with under one roof
  • Our ethos is a “can do” attitude
  • Claims made against ALL Insurance Companies
  • Like for Like Replacement Vehicles
  • A call centre where service comes first – answered by a real person!
  • State of the art technology to keep all sides informed at all times
  • Local Branches to ensure Immediate Response & same day turnaround
  • Pick-up and Delivery of vehicles

Other Complimentary services include:

  • Specific Claims handler from start to finish
  • Liaising with insurance companies
  • Overseeing your repairs
  • Claiming and recovering for uninsured losses.
  • Further advice relating to your claim.
  • Recommending a Repairer


Plan B Rent-A-Car is a market leader in the supply of replacement vehicles and accident management services to clients who have been involved in an accident for which they were not at fault. We manage end to end service, including insurance claims consulting, its process, selection of repairer and the provision of a replacement vehicle during this period.

Plan B is specialized in ‘demurrage’ that may be called as a CreditHire. Plan B replaces your vehicle on a credit basis and at the end of repairs and hire, the consultants of Plan B sends bill to the insurance company of the Party ‘at Fault’ and recovers the costs on behalf of the Party ‘Not at Fault’.

Plan B was formed in 2016 and within a very short span, an appropriate differentiation between the ‘nicety and necessity’ was made and extended its services to non-fault motor accident management based on the ‘necessity’. Plan B ensures the right consulting to the clients ‘Not at Fault’ and advises the clients about their legal entitlement of replacement vehicle.

Plan B has studied the market and ensured the right balance of business by owning fleets ranging from the small cars to the prestige cars. With a range from economy models to prestige vehicles and commercial vans and utilities it gives the scale and variety to ensure that you receive the right replacement vehicle with maximum efficiency and minimum inconvenience.

Plan B has established as preferred choice of referrers in the NSW and has plans to expand across the nation in 3 years down the lane. Plan B has tied up with top smash repairers and is in a position to serve our clients well within the Service Level Agreement specified.
PLAN B Rent-A-Car will replace your car and recover the cost from the negligent party. PLAN B is here to offer you a free delivery and pick up for your convenience.

  • # Works with all insurers
  • # Free delivery and pick up
  • # Well maintained and quality cars available



Plan B Accident Management provide management solutions to fleets, the direct consumer, smash repairers and the insurance industry. Plan B’s claims consultants provides a comprehensive one stop solution for all your accident management needs. Plan B ensures efficiency in handling end-to-end hassle free case management with the right systems and tools.


Plan B has tied up with corporate such as Commonwealth Bank, AON Insurance, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture and few other corporates within a very short span and extend its valuable service to their employees. Plan B has a customized service providing long term lease to the corporate for employees pick up and drop. Plan B ensures provision of prestige cars to the C-Level executive and also provide chauffer facilities. Plan B provides excellent services for airport transportation


Accident “Not At Fault”=> Replacement Vehicle Entitlement till repaired


A)   Claim Eligibility:

  • Party at fault is insured(Comprehensive/Third Party)
  • Party at fault lodged a claim
  • Party at fault’s insurer accepts liability for the incident

B)   Send form and supporting documents to us:
Complete the form inside the brochure and send a:

  • Copy of RTA Certificate of Registration and Driver’s License
  • Letter of need from you (We provide a sample)
  • Your policy document showing your own vehicle excess

C)   Claim Assessment:
Our officers will assess your form to make sure we can recover costs – It only takes few minutes!

D)   Replacement Vehicle
We will arrange a car similar standard to your vehicle Claim recovery takes 14 days or more (depending on each insurance company)

Contact Details

Address: PLAN B Rent-A-Car, 1/43 Magowar Road, Pendle Hill, NSW 2145
Phone: 0490 348 763

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