Indian Car Rentals Sydney

Indian Car Rentals Sydney – Indian Car Hire Sydney – Indian Limousine Hire – Indian Airport Car Rentals Sydney

Elite Rental, Car Rental, Pendle Hill, Sydney
Telephone: 02 9688 1649
Mobile: 0433795543

South Pacific Rentals Ltd Fairfield, Sydney, NSW
Car Rentals, Car Hire, Limousine Hire, Airport Car Rentals Sydney
Address: 83, Station Street, Fairfield, Sydney, NSW
Phone: (02) 97234466

City Car Gallery, Express Rental, Sydney
Car, Ute, Bus, Truck, Rental, Granville, Sydney, NSW
Address: 180 Parramatta Rd, Granville, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: 02 8677 4640
Fax: 02 8677 4941

Plan B Rent-A-Car Sydney, NSW
Plan B is available 24/7 if you have been involved in a road traffic accident and are ‘Not at Fault’.
Address: PLAN B Rent-A-Car, 1/43 Magowar Road, Pendle Hill, NSW 2145
Phone: 0490 348 763

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3 Responses to “Indian Car Rentals Sydney”

  1. chann prit singh Says:

    hi there,i wanted to know that is there any means that we can buy cars from here and send it to india for selling,because my real brother in india has its own car-sales and buying business in new delhi,if you are interested just let me know and we can talk about it in cell no is 0433667327

  2. Nav Says:

    Not sure if it can be done as it will cost too much to send the car over to india. Would be hard to make much profit out of it.

  3. Citu Says:

    Hi, want to know if you know how to approach people in Hire Car business in Sydney. We want to get into Private Hire Car business.
    Thanks in advance.

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