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Hindu Priests Brisbane

Hindu Priests Brisbane – Indian Pundits Brisbane

Poojas and Havans, Satya Narayan Pooja, Ganesh pooja and havan, Navagraha pooja and Havan, Rudra Abhishek and Havan, Vastu Shanti Pooja and Havan, Durga pooja and Chandi Paath/ Havan, Bhoomi Pooja, Namakaran, aksharabhyas, Jenevu ceremony.

17 Listings Found

Hindu Priests Brisbane

Pundit Saras Maharaj Brisbane
0405 424 436

Indian Hindu Priest, Civil & Religious Marriage Celebrant, Pundit Sanat Pandey Brisbane
07 3849 7424
0401 683 520


Shree Durga Puja Service
We perform all Graha Praveshams, Homams, Weddings, Sathyanarayan Puja and other religious services and events

Pundit Suresh Chandra Sharma
07 3345 9201

Pundit Surend Sharma
07 3273 2182

Pundit Suresh Shandil
07 3353 0070

Pundit Satya Narayan Sharma
07 3350 3082

Pundit Raj Kumar Mishra
07 3272 6162

Pundit Praveen Shandil
07 3883 3434
0408 385 375

Pandit Dr Gurudeo Anand Tularam
0403 819 327

Pundit Dhurup Sharma
07 3200 2477

Pundit Anant Sharma
0411 283 889

Pundit Dr G A Tularam Brisbane
0403 819 327

Pundit Awadhesh Sharma
07 3195 4576


Indian Hindu Priests in Griffin, QLD

Pandit Ji Hari Adhikari – Hindu Priest Brisbane
Griffin QLD
0416 289 446


Indian Hindu Priests in Moorooka, QLD

Pooja Kendra Moorooka, Brisbane
Moorooka, Brisbane, Qld, 4009
0468 610 618


Indian Hindu Priests in Oxley, QLD

Pundit Kamlesh Chand Sharma
07 3879 7071


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27 Responses to "Hindu Priests Brisbane"

  1. Ashish pandey Says:
    Tue 20th Jul 21 11:32am
    I am looking for indian hindu pundit for my baby namkaran pooja on 29 july in drewvale brisbane, if anyone available please email me or text me. 0452258644 Ashish Thanks
  2. Suhita Chakraborty Says:
    Mon 19th Jul 21 1:29pm
    Hi, looking for a bengali purohit to perform Vishnu puja at home and carry out other rituals related to my son’s annaprashan ceremony.
  3. Kavita Says:
    Mon 5th Jul 21 11:38am
    I am looking for a pundit who can perform manglik dosha removal pooja. Thanks
  4. Raj Says:
    Thu 20th May 21 1:34pm
    Looking for a bengali pundit who can carry out a bengali wedding in Brisbane on 28 Jun 2021. Please email
  5. Ramya Says:
    Mon 10th May 21 11:44am
    Hi I’m looking for Telugu pundit who can perform a Telugu marriage for my friend
    Sat 16th Jan 21 10:42am
    Hello, I am looking for a panditji to do house warming pooja on 20th January within 10 am to 3pm House located in Gainsborough greens Pimpama. Please contact me on 0451090991 if u can conduct pooja on the above mentioned date.
  7. Pt. Kamlesh Chand Sharma Says:
    Sat 30th Mar 19 12:03pm

    I am also pundit and do poojas in Brisbane. Please add my name in Hindu priest. My name is Pt. Kamlesh Chand Sharma. My phone number is 07 3879 7071. Mobile is 0427 151 144.

  8. Pt Kamlesh Chand Sharma Says:
    Sat 30th Mar 19 11:41am

    I am also pundit. Please add my name in Hindu priest. My name is Pundit Kamlesh Chand Sharma. My phone number is 3879 7071. Mobile is 0427 151 144.

  9. J Mistry Says:
    Tue 23rd Oct 18 6:17pm

    Number for Panditji Shri Jiteshbhai Joshi is no longer working. When you call, it says number has call restrictions or number is incomplete.

  10. Vijaya Says:
    Wed 3rd Oct 18 4:45pm

    I am looking for telugu pandit in brisbane who can perform satyanarayana vratham and Vastu pooja / Ganapathi homam
    Please let me know his name and number.

  11. Silpa Says:
    Fri 26th Jan 18 3:29pm


    We are planning to do Satyanarayana Pooja.
    We are looking for Telugu Pandit for performing Satyanarayana Pooja.
    Please let me know the pandit name and contact number.

    Thank You..!!

  12. Suresh Says:
    Fri 7th Oct 16 7:23pm

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a pandit to do house warming pooja on 2nd November 2016 early morning. House located in Springfield lakes. Please contact me on 0450437934 if u can conduct pooja on the above mentioned date.

  13. Het Says:
    Sat 9th Jul 16 4:30pm

    Hello all,

    I m living 200 km north from Brisbane and building the house, If I can have some info about the laxmiji or Ganesha murti for sthapan in my house, any places that I can buy?
    Thank you in advance.

  14. vindya Says:
    Thu 23rd Jun 16 1:00pm


    I am looking for telugu pandit in brisbane who can perform satyanarayana vratham.

    Please let me know his name and number.


  15. Miles Says:
    Sat 21st May 16 9:04pm

    I am miles and i am a white hindu convert who is looking for a hindu pandit in brisbane or the sunshine coast qld who can perform the Namakaran Sanskar ceremony for me . I am from caboolture & am really keen to formally become hindu & accept sanatan dharma (hindu) as my religion & way of life. If any of the pandits are able to do this please contact me via my email:
    May lord Ganapati bless you all
    Om jai ganesh

  16. Miles Says:
    Sat 21st May 16 8:42pm

    My name is Miles & i am looking for hindu pandit/ brahmanas who can perform namakaran sanskar for me a hindu convert in caboolture . If you are a hindu pandit who is from brisbane or sunshine coast area & would help me formally convert hinduism please contact me via email .
    Om jai ganesh

  17. pree narayan Says:
    Sat 2nd Apr 16 12:07pm

    hi there

    i am looking a for a hindu pandit for our wedding in brisbane on 5 march 20-17

    please let me know if any of the pandits are available for this


  18. Pandit Hari Adhikari Says:
    Thu 31st Mar 16 11:40pm

    Dear Romesh and Rashnal Ji
    Hari Om

    Sorry for late reply
    This is me pandit Hari if you have not done the Pooja plz ring or text me on my number 0416289446
    I am available for your Pooja.

    Pandit Hari

  19. Rashnal kumar Says:
    Thu 24th Mar 16 5:28pm

    Jai siya ram.i am wishing to get ghar bhoj (house warming)pooja at my house in narangba northside brisbane.we are new in brisbane. Any pandit interested please call me on 0449585330.Rashnal kumar

  20. Romesh Patel Says:
    Wed 2nd Mar 16 1:34pm


    We are looking for panditji for satyanarayan pooja. Requesting a response.

  21. Geetha Says:
    Wed 10th Feb 16 2:59pm

    Hi Pandit ji ,

    I am looking for a priest who can perform death anniversary rituals for my mother .Requesting a response


  22. Sam Says:
    Wed 27th Jan 16 8:08am

    Hello Pandit ji

    I am interested in getting char poojas on Shivratri done and I am looking for someone who can get it done on Shivratri this year.

    I am in Brisbane and please let me know if someone can get this done.


  23. Abha Says:
    Sun 6th Dec 15 11:14pm

    Ghriha pravesh poojan only by authentic Indian pundit please reply

  24. Admin Says:
    Fri 17th Oct 14 7:30pm

    Hi Awadhesh, Your Number Has Been Updated.

  25. Awadhesh Sharma Says:
    Fri 17th Oct 14 7:06pm

    Thank you for listing my name in the Hindu priest list. My telephone number 0734233589 has changed. It is no longer valid.

    My new number is 0731954576. Please insert my new telephone number as noted above.

    Thank you
    Awadhesh Sharma

  26. hari raj adhikari Says:
    Wed 21st Aug 13 5:57am

    hari om!
    its very good to see tha list of pandits. i am also new pandit in brisbane, plz remember me too if you want to do any poojas, i have 15 years of experience, i have studied sanskrit.
    om shanti!

  27. ramram Says:
    Tue 14th Dec 10 3:09pm

    well it is very good to see two of my brothers as leading hindu priest in auatralia good ramram to all


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