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Hindu Temples (Mandirs) in Brisbane & Queensland

Hindu Temples (Mandirs) in Brisbane and Other Parts Of Queensland. Hindu Places Of Worship in Brisbane, Qld.

Shree Deveshwar Mahadev Shiva Mandir Brisbane
Address: 46 Doggett Street, Newstead, Brisbane, QLD 4006
Telephone: 07 3252 2550
Facebook: Shree Deveshwar Mahadev Shiva Mandir Brisbane

Shiva Mandir- Rockhampton, Central Queensland
Address 17 Kyonet St Baree, Rockhampton
(30 minutes from the Rockhampton roundabout)
PH; 07 49382679

Gayatri Mandir Boondall Brisbane
Address: 178 Lyndhurst Rd, Boondall, Brisbane Qld
Open every Sunday from 8am to 11am.
For further information contact President Ravi Sharma on 0419 732 558

Hindu Mandir Association of Qld Inc.
1173 Mt Cotton Road, Burbank, QLD 4156
Postal address: P O Box 2211, Mansfield D C, Qld 4122
Ph: Surendra Pratap (07) 33908110 (Home)
Email :

Vinayak Temple
Beau Desert Road, McLean QLD 4280

Hindu temple
Nundah QLD 4012

Sri Sri Gaur Nitai – Hare Krishna Temple –
32 Jennifer St, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Queensland, 4073 Australia

Hindu temples in brisbane, mandirs in qld

4 Listings Found

Best Astrologer in Brisbane Guru ramji
550 Newnham road Upper Mount Gravatt Qld 4122

Amitabha Buddist Assoc Of Qld Inc The
36 Solandra Cres Calamvale, QLD, 4116
07 3711 3503

Shree Durga Puja Service
We perform all Graha Praveshams, Homams, Weddings, Sathyanarayan Puja and other religious services and events

hindu temple


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44 Responses to "Hindu Temples (Mandirs) in Brisbane & Queensland"

  1. Sima Says:
    Fri 30th Sep 22 9:15am
    hi is there any shani mandir in brisbane thanks
  2. Bimla Says:
    Mon 30th Aug 21 12:37pm
    Is there any adwait asharam belong to shri nangali darbar meerut India in brisbane?
  3. Bimla Says:
    Mon 30th Aug 21 12:35pm
    Is there any adwait asharam belong to shri nangali darbar meerut India in brisbane?
  4. ramesh Says:
    Sat 27th Jun 15 11:31am

    Hi, I am looking for durga maa mandir in Queensland. Thanks.

  5. ramesh Says:
    Sat 27th Jun 15 11:29am

    Hi I am looking for durga maa mandir in Queensland. Thanks

  6. Annabel Ford Says:
    Mon 16th Mar 15 2:53pm

    I am a grade 11 student at Northpine Christian College in Brisbane. Currently Im doing a religions assignment that requires us to do an interview with someone that practises the ritual of yoga. Con anybody help me out?!

  7. Joseph Butler Says:
    Mon 20th Oct 14 7:55pm this is my E’mail

  8. Joseph Butler Says:
    Mon 20th Oct 14 7:54pm

    I’am a grade 11 student from a Brisbane school and we have an assignment where we have to Interview people from different religions and ask them a few questions on the death ritual. Can somebody please E’mail me?

  9. Gunny Says:
    Sat 16th Aug 14 11:40am

    Regarding above query for Hindu temple and uddyapan support for vaibhav laxmi puja- my contact no is- 0451960258.

  10. Gunny Says:
    Sat 16th Aug 14 11:39am

    I am new in Brisbane from NZ.
    I am looking for Hindu temple where they can allow to do uddyapan of vaibhav laxmi puja. In NZ temple, priest used to support the homemade prasadam distribution and uddyapan. I am unaware about Brisbane. Could somebody please help me with their advice? I will be grateful to you.
    With Blessings.,,,

  11. Hari raj Adhikari Says:
    Thu 17th Jul 14 1:01pm

    Hello everyone
    I am a Hindu priest in Queensland
    Anyone can contact me for any types of religious or spiritual services. I can perform any pooja rituals or I can reach any Hindu religious holy texts.
    I am available in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Toowoomba or any surrounded cities. Plz call 0416289446 or email:

  12. Sweetie Says:
    Wed 18th Jun 14 11:34am

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for a tulsi plant. Does anyone know where you can get a tulsi plant from?

  13. Dhaval Gandhi Says:
    Sat 3rd May 14 11:30pm

    Hello Everyone,

    This is Dhaval Gandhi from Ahmedabad, India. Thankfully, I got this this website and inspired to write. I am Permanent Resident of Australia and coming to Brisbane on 23rd of May, 2014. I am an IT Engineer by profession. I would be greatful if I can find a shared accommodation for a month or so. I don’t have any contact in Brisbane and I am also new in Queensland. I know that this is a personal concern but this website is my only hope. I am vegetarian and will come alone. I can share the accommodation with Indian family or students. As soon as I get a reliable job, I will find my own accommodation and help others.

    Please let me know if anything comes across for me. Any prospective person can contact me at

    Thanks and regards,
    Dhaval Gandhi

  14. Aish Says:
    Tue 8th Apr 14 12:19pm

    I am a hindu, looking for a temple…. Im staying at kennigo street, Spring Hill 4000 looking for the nearest temple. I found the Nundah’s in Brisbane but there is no exact address of it… And please let me know the time its open.
    Will appreciate it

  15. David Porter Says:
    Mon 17th Feb 14 12:09pm

    Hi. I want to learn more about Avaita Vedanta. Can you teach me, or do you know anyone near Brisbane who can (or even anyone who might know someone) ? I’m seeking a long term relationship with a guru who teach me the oneness of Brahman and Atman, and can help shed my illusion of self.

  16. Dinesh Amarnath Says:
    Mon 20th May 13 9:57am

    I would like to help people who would like to help the community to raise funds.

  17. Dinesh Amarnath Says:
    Mon 20th May 13 9:54am

    I heard about the sherwood temple. I live in Indooroopilly too. Its such a shame we could keep it going as every community temple needs funds to run. We were unable to raise funds. Its such a shame. We if possible re open the temple. If any one knows how please write to me. I can arrange funds from the community help.

  18. Dinesh Amarnath Says:
    Mon 20th May 13 9:49am

    My contact details are as follows,
    Skype : dustflo

  19. Dinesh Amarnath Says:
    Mon 20th May 13 9:47am

    Let me Introduce my self, I am Dinesh Amarnath recently moved from Auckland New Zealand. I had various business in NZ since 2005. I was actively participating in religious awareness programs and in generating funds for temples and Charity organiszations.
    I have now moved to Brisbane for a reason more than the business prospective I want to get involve in generating funds for temples and charitable Trusts / association. I am working with Gayitri Samaj and a Ganesh temple under construction here in Brisbane and moving towards other communities Arya Samaj, Here Rama Hare krishna in Brisbane. It may take some time to accomplish these task.
    I want to develop my links..and other workers to participate in such activities  other states and cities too. I would like to build a pipe line from now on so as in coming few months I can actively work for other temples in this country. I need support and guidance. Can some one from your group help me.  I have an immensely recognized project which is quite successful in Canada and USA in Christian community.
    Look forward for your reply,
    Dinesh Amarnath & Carlos

  20. rachu Says:
    Mon 11th Mar 13 5:12pm

    we used to go to a temple in Sherwood which was near to indooroppilly but later when we went there it was closed. it was really good calm and quiet place really liked it and we went to another temple in which full of noise and everyone was too busy talking about their life bla bla bla didn’t like it. i don’t like the temple to be too noisy, is there any temple near to Logan, please let me know

  21. Dharmishta Says:
    Thu 21st Feb 13 7:25am

    Hi John
    I’m a hindu born in NZ. I have also been through a pretty tough relationship in the past so understand what your flatmate is going through. If you’re flatmate needs some support, I am more than happy to try and help. You can contact me on

  22. John Uri Says:
    Fri 8th Feb 13 11:59am

    Is there a temple near Caboolture that she can go for prayers to all Gods for power and strengths?

  23. John Uri Says:
    Fri 8th Feb 13 11:56am

    I have a flatmate here and she has a Hindu background. Looking for help to strengthen her spiritual, physical, mentally, emotions from previous domestic relationship. Where can she get help near Caboolture??

  24. Rebecca Says:
    Wed 28th Nov 12 5:46am

    Where is the Hindu temple in Nundah and when is it open?

  25. Nav Says:
    Wed 24th Oct 12 4:16am

    Many Thanks Harinath, I Have Updated The Listing.

  26. Harinath Says:
    Wed 24th Oct 12 3:09am

    Sri krishna temple at Graceville is moved to seventeen Mile Rocks

  27. Nav Says:
    Fri 19th Oct 12 3:54pm

    Many Thanks for letting us know. I Have added it to the list.

  28. Mount Morgan temple Says:
    Thu 18th Oct 12 9:47am

    Please add “Shiva Mandir’ to your listings.

    Please visit; friends of mount morgan temple on facebook.

    PH; 07 49382679

  29. Biswaranjan Beher Says:
    Sat 6th Oct 12 5:40am

    ATTENTION!!!ATTENTION :—- There is no such hindu temple in Graceville QLD 4075 and Oxley QLD 4075.

  30. Brisbane SSVK Says:
    Sun 30th Sep 12 4:02pm

    Hello Devotees. At the moment, the Sri Selva Vinayakar Temple is being renovated.The temple is still at the same location and is open from 9am-11am weekdays mornings and 9am-12pm on weekends. Temple is open from 5PM-8:30 in the evenings. For more informations, visit

  31. arn raj Says:
    Mon 10th Sep 12 11:33am


    am looking for an hindu temple at the gold coast desperately.
    Please give me the phone no and the physical address.
    thank you

  32. Rudhra (Nicholai) Says:
    Sat 11th Aug 12 5:16pm!/pages/Friends-of-Mount-Morgan-Temple/301175149951565

  33. Shiv Says:
    Fri 6th Apr 12 9:12pm

    Hey guys, I am looking for a Hindu temple near St.Lucia. When I checked online, the closest one is the Sri Selva Vinayakar Koyil (Ganesha Temple) in South Maclean. Does anybody know how to get there by public bus because I’m a student and I don’t drive. Thanks!!!

  34. Ramanan Says:
    Fri 30th Mar 12 3:40pm

    I’m visiting Brisbane in July 2012 and would like to visit Ganesha Temple. Could someone tell me address, times I can visit and contact. So far I can see temple in Kingston which is near Runcorn but I will be staying in the city.
    Thank You

  35. jagmohan kumar Says:
    Sun 18th Dec 11 4:05am

    Hi, i am jagmohan kumar i am looking hindu temple near to runcorn,brisbane thanku ji.

  36. Arwinder Says:
    Tue 13th Dec 11 1:28pm

    Hi I am looking for mandir in brisbane where I can pray to Hanuman ji. Please let me know where I can find one. Will be much appreciated.

  37. Jagannath Says:
    Wed 10th Aug 11 4:35am

    Hi, I am new to Brisbane and I am more intersted to visit the Temples in and around. Could anyone please let me know were there any temples in Brisbane to vist. I would appreciate if anyone can help with this. Thank You.

  38. puja Says:
    Sun 23rd Jan 11 5:33pm

    hi i live in goldcoast i m looking for shiva temple which is nearest to me plz send me address and bus number ,
    with regards

  39. Rachna Says:
    Fri 1st Oct 10 1:18pm

    I ‘m looking a durga & shiva temple at brisbane. I live in milton .i’m looking any near temple for navarati puja. Plz send me address and bus number.
    With regards

  40. ritu Says:
    Tue 14th Sep 10 4:08pm


    we r new in Brisbane.Can someone tell us about the temples in Brisbane and their addresses…can we commute from queens st to temples via bus…

  41. surenthren Says:
    Wed 25th Aug 10 1:39am

    hi there,
    I am a hindu, looking for a temple…. Im staying at Wilston 4051, looking for the nearest temple. I found the Nundah’s in Brisbane but there is no exact address of it… And please let me know the time its open.
    Will appreciate it

    Thank You

  42. dharmendra Says:
    Thu 29th Jul 10 5:50pm

    i am geting marry on August 15th 2010. she is hindu but older then me what to do

  43. Says:
    Thu 29th Jul 10 5:46pm

    nice to have in other contry hindu tempel

  44. des muller Says:
    Mon 12th Apr 10 3:26pm

    my son wants to marry his balanese girlfiend who is in australia on a 3 month holiday.she is Hindu that is my question. can it be done and will she still have to return in 3 months,even if she is married to australian. thank you

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