Hindu Temples (Mandirs) in Melbourne & Victoria

Hindu Temples (Mandirs) in Melbourne & Victoria. Places of Worship for Hindus in Melbourne, Australia.

Sri Durga Temple Rockbank, Melbourne, VIC
Address: 705-715 Neale Road,Rockbank, 3335, Victoria, Melbourne,Australia
Telephone: 03 9747 1628
Mobile: 0401638250
Website: sridurgatemple.com
Facebook Page

Aumsai Sanathan Temple Mordialloc, Melbourne
Address: 76 Albert St, Mordialloc VIC 3195
Email: aumsai.info@gmail.com
Facebook: AUMSAIMelbourne
Website: www.aumsai.org.au

Sankat Mochan Samiti (Shri Hanuman Ji Temple), Melbourne
Address: 1289a, North Road, Huntingdale, Melbourne, VIC
Mobile: 0427 274 462
Email: sankatmochansamiti@gmail.com
Website: www.sankatmochan.org.au
Facebook: Sankat Mochan Samiti (Shri Hanuman Ji Temple)

Sri Durga Arts/Cultural And Educational Centr Inc
Telephone: 03 9747 1628

Kundrathu Kumaran Temple Melbourne VIC
(Murugan Temple) Kundrathu Kumaran Temple is a Hindu Temple in Rockbank, Melbourne. This Murugan Temple is built and managed by Tamil Educational Cultural & Charitable Association (TECCA). TECCA Management Commitee welcome all Hindus to come and take part in the Temple activities.
Address: 139 Gray Court, Rockbank, VIC 3335 (Melton-Wyndham, Western VIC)
Telephone: (03) 9747 113
Web: http://www.kumarantemple.org.au

Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple Melbourne Victoria
Hindu Society Of Victoria
Address: 52 Boundary Rd, Carrum Downs, Melbourne, VIC 3201, Australia
Telephone: 03 9782 0878
Fax: 03 9782 0001
Web: http://www.hsvshivavishnutemple.org.au

Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar Temple
Address: 1292, Mountain Highway, The Basin, Melbourne, Victoria, 3154, Australia
Email: melbournevinayagar@gmail.com
Temple Telephone: (03) 9762-1835
Canteen Telephone: (03) 9762-1688
Web: http://www.melbournevinayagar.org.au

Melbourne Murugan Temple
Address: 17-19 Knight Ave., Sunshine VIC 3020
Telephone: 03 9310 9026

Hare Krishna (ISKCON) Temple
Address: 197 Danks Street, Middle Park Vic 3206
Telephone: (03) 9699 5122

Hare Krishna Valley – New Nandagram Rural Community
Address: 1265 Winchelsea-Deans Marsh Rd, Bambra, VIC 3241
Telephone: (03) 5288 7383
Fax: (03) 5288 7309
Web: www.harekrishnavalley.com.au

Hindu Temples in Melbourne – Mandirs in Melbourne VIC

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37 Responses to “Hindu Temples (Mandirs) in Melbourne & Victoria”

  1. PVK Sharma Says:

    I have to do Sradha Karma or every years Pitru Karma, could you please advise me if I can get a Priest in Melbourne or any where in Australia.

  2. Ramesh Dave Says:

    Hi, Namaste !
    I can perform Vedic Hawan and based on a book,can perform Shanti Yagna for departed souls which is not exactly Shraddha Karma as per Pauranik traditions. Will it be O.K. to you ?

  3. Ramesh Dave Says:

    This is to inform that I can perform Vedic Hawans for any of the relegious purposes,can also perform Satya Narayan Katha, Rudrabhishek, Geeta Ramayan etc.Any body interested may contact me on 0421694450. Thanks

  4. PVK Sharma Says:

    Hi Thanks a lot for the replies, however,it is important I need to do the Pitru Karma and will not be happy to do any equalent thing other then the traditional Sradha and Pinda Pradhaanam.

  5. Harui Guduru Says:

    Please add links to Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple Carrumdowns 3201



    Let me know whether I can write to you about the festivities at the temple for community use.

    Hari Guduru

  6. Nav Says:

    Hi Harui. You are most welcome to to write about the festivities at the temple and send it to us. We will include it on the website.

  7. Viky Says:

    there is also murgam temple near the SRI durga temple in rockbank that is not on the list at the moment. I don’t know exact street adress.

  8. Nav Says:

    Hi Viky, I have included it in the list now

  9. Karthik Says:

    Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar temple- details are wrong.

    here is the right address.

    Sri Vakrathunda Vinayagar Temple.
    1292, Mountain Hwy, THE BASIN, VIC-3154
    Ph: 03-9762-1835
    website: http://www.melbournevinayagar.org.au/


  10. Nav Says:

    Many Thanks for your valuable feedback. I have corrected the details now.

  11. ravi Says:

    I have to do Sradha Karma or every years Pitru Karma, could you please advise me if I can get a Priest in Melbourne or any where in Australia.

  12. Ramesh Dave Says:

    Hi Ravi !
    I appreciate your feelings to perform Pitru Karma/Shraddha every year.All These are based on Puranik theories(illustrated in 18 Puranas) to which I’m not
    conversant with. But I can help you to perform Vedic Shanti Yagna with some Vedic prayers for the departed souls,if you don’t find suitable Pundit for your Shraddha Karma. If you need me contact me on 0421694450.Thanks
    Ramesh Dave

  13. Ramesh Dave Says:

    I’m looking for a residential manager’s job in a Hindu temple anywhere in Melbourne/Victoria.
    I’m a Post Graduate Degree & Diploma holder and highly experienced Manager having the basic computer knowledge, well conversant with English, Hindi & Gujarati, can speak Bengali & Tamil(a little)I was a Manager in a Public Charitable Trust in Mumbai for a couple of years. I’m single, having no family obligations. My contact no.

  14. Ramesh Dave Says:

    yet another some lines related to me. I can teach Hindi/Eng.& also Yogic concepts (including some Aasanas & Praanaayaams) to household people in particular. I can do editorial job for a Hindi & English i.s.Bilingual magazine. I have interests in reading & writing scsriptures like Vedas, Upanishads, Geeta & Ramayan etc.

  15. Mala Says:

    Ravi – try the preist at the Rockbank Murugan temple. He’s good.

  16. Pandit Akash Deep Says:

    Namaskar Ravi ji,

    I offer my services for performing the yearly Pitri(Pitru Karma).I am serving the community in religious/spiritual field and am conversant with the Puranic rituals.

    Pandit Akash Deep


  17. Priest Rajaram Says:

    For all types of traditional Hindu ceremonies to be performed in Melbourne Victoria, Please contact me on
    0411 611 031. For more details, Please visit my website link


    kind regards

    Priest Rajaram

  18. Ashwani Says:

    Is there any temple near Werribee area, thanks in advance for your imput.



  19. Ramesh Dave Says:

    Namaste & Jai Shree Krishna to all. After a prolonged stay in India, I’m back here to serve you.You may please perform the following rituals under my guidance:
    Griha Praversh
    Gruha Shanti Yagna (Havan)
    Satya Narayan Katha
    Katha on Geeta
    Naming & birthday Ceremony
    Any other religious ritual

  20. Ramesh Dave Says:

    Contact me on (M)61469380649
    (L)3-9364 1165

  21. Thirumalai Says:

    I want a job in temple. I will cook all prasadams. I am a srivaishnavite iyengar. And i will do alangarams to swamy if any one find please mail me at malaithiru053@gmail.com

  22. Nayan Says:

    Hello Every one

    There is a beautiful Hindu Swaminarayan Temple in Mill park. they celebrate all the hindu festivl through out the year.
    ——————————Here is some more Activities —————————

    Daily Arti Timings
    Morning: 7.00 AM
    Evening: 7.00 PM
    * Major Hindu festivals are celebrated throughout the year at the Mandir.
    Satsang For The Whole Family: Every Sunday, 4.30 PM – 7.00 PM
    Mahila Sabha: 1st Saturday of Every Month, 4.30 PM – 6.00 PM
    Bal-Balika Sabha: Every Sunday, 4.30 PM – 7.00 PM
    Kishore-Kishori Sabha: Every Sunday, 3.00 PM – 4.00 PM
    * Gujarati Language, Tabla and Traditional Dance Classes are also held at the Mandir every Sunday.

    Mandir Opening Hours
    Mon-Fri: 7.00 AM – 12.00 PM, 4.00 PM – 8.30 PM
    Sat-Sun: 7.00 AM – 8.30 PM
    Address :

    BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
    60 Heaths Court, Mill Park, VIC 3082
    Tel: 03 9437 6767 | Email: info@apac.baps.org | Web: http://www.baps.org
    Inspirer: Pramukh Swami Maharaj

  23. Sandeep Bagga Says:

    Hi All

    We have moved to australia 2 months before.We are blessed with a baby boy on 10th oct 2013. We want to perform Jaat-karma/Shashti at our home which is performed after 11 days for purification if the house. We live in bayswater. Will appreciate if anyone can guide us whom to contact.


  24. S K Says:

    can anyone tell about Subrahmanyeswara templs in Melbourne? and a priest who knows telugu language could be better, please/

  25. Saurabh Says:

    I need to perform rudrabhishek in melbourne.

    Please advice where i can perform and by whom.


  26. Vasu.M.S Says:

    hi, good morning everybody, please can you let us know is there LORD BALAJI TEMPLE in Melbourne.

  27. Shravan Says:


    Back in india we used to worship nagadevatha (snake goddess), Does melbourne have any temple which has got nagadevatha as a deity ?

    Thank you in advance

  28. Polly Says:

    I have been ask to do Nagadoshum for 13 days. Can you advise me which temple in Melbourne that I can see the priest to perform this for me. Also need what I need to do. Thank You. Polly

  29. Nidhi Says:

    Where do we have Vishnu Ji temple in Melbourne nearest to Docklands? Also, I have to worship banana tree.. Is there any Vishnu Ji temple in Melbourne having this tree?

  30. Neha Says:

    Is there any Shani Dev temple in melbourne???

    If anybody know pls let me know….

  31. gaurav Says:

    is there any hanuman ji temple in melbourne?
    pls let me know

  32. Raj Says:

    hi is there any Hanumann temple close to Clayton Victoria thx

  33. Yogesh Says:

    Hi Gaurav/Raj,

    There is a Hanumann ji Temple in Huntingdale. The address is 1289a, North Road, Huntingdale. You can visit http://www.sankatmochan.org.au for more on temple details

  34. Sakshee Says:

    We need to perform Jaat karam puja for a new born in the family as there has been a recent death of an elderly. Please advise if a priest is available to perform this puja according to kashmiri traditions?

    Thanks, Sakshee

  35. komal Says:

    Is there any Shani Dev temple in melbourne??
    pls let me know

  36. Vinit Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Any one knows about Arya Samaj Mandir or Arya Samaj Pandit JI in Melbourne?

  37. Ramarai Says:

    Namaste sub:-looking preaat job in USA
    Nme’- ramarao qualification”-agamapraveena ex:-10years .We will do like homa all types of shanti.last rits pitu karmas.enny Hindu tempal or mutt.thanking you.regardas;-ramarao Bangalore India.

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