Indian Grocery Stores in Sydney

Indian Grocery Stores/Shops and Supermarkets in Sydney Specialising in Indian Groceries and Spices Such as Desi Atta, Basmati Rice, Samosa, Kulfi , Lentils (Dal), Red Kidney Beans (Rajmah), Chick Peas (Choley), Indian Sweets, Indian Grocery, Dairy Products, Phone Cards, Frozen Veggies, Rice, Lentils, Oils and much more including Western Union Money Transfer.

Buy Indian Groceries Online in Sydney

Guru Impex Pty Ltd Sydney
We are the importer of salaam India rice all different kind basmati rice, golden sella, cream sella, premium and classic.
Wholesale Indian Groceries and Spices in Sydney.
Mobile: 0402 481 049


Indian Grocery Stores Arncliffe, NSW

Fayads Mixed Business
Address: 23-25 Belmore St, Arncliffe NSW 2205, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9597 1067


Indian Grocery Stores Ashfield, NSW

Patel Convenience Store, Ashfield, Sydney
We Are an Indian Grocery Store in Ashfield, Inner West Sydney Area.
Address: Shop 55/1 Brown Street, Ashfield, Sydney, NSW 2131, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9797 6339

Namaste Nepal Ko Pasal
Indian/ Nepali/ Asian Groceries and Spices.
Location: 20 Charlotte St, Ashfield NSW 2131, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9798 6258

Real Indian Supermarket
Address: 21 Charlotte St, Ashfield NSW 2131, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9799 6274

Convenience Store & Indian Grocery
Address: 192 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield NSW 2131, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9797 1577

Deshi Groceries Ashfield
Address: 5 Station St, Ashfield NSW 2131, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9797 6278

Parshwa Supermarket Pty Ltd
Location: 23 Thomas St, Ashfield NSW 2131, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9798 4531

Mouri Spices
Address: 306 Liverpool Rd Ashfield NSW
Phone Number: (02) 97167527


Indian Grocery Stores Auburn, NSW

Win10 Indian Groceries & Homewares Auburn
Address: Auburn, Sydney NSW 2144
Mobile: 0434047859

Tamleni Indian Supermarket Auburn
Indian Supermarket in Auburn, Western Sydney Selling Indian Groceries and Other Homeware Items.
Address: 103 Rawson Street, Auburn, Sydney
Call 02 9649 2290
Fax: (02) 4721 1082

Bijaya Shree Nepalese & Indian Grocery Store
Shop 6, 8-10 Northumberland Rd, Auburn, NSW, 2144
Phone: (02) 9749 4150
Mobile: 0410 479 673

Real Indian Supermarket
Address: 109 Rawson St, Auburn, NSW, 2144
Telephone Number: (02) 9649 7774

Jodat Spice Shop
Address: 113 Rawson’s Street Auburn NSW
Phone: (02) 96431740

Shahrvand Supermarket
Shp10/ 45 Rawson St, Auburn NSW 2144, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9646 4210


Indian Grocery Stores Bankstown, NSW

Lotus Spices Bankstown
Indian Grocery Store in Bankstown Specialising in Indian Groceries, Spices and Herbs.
Address: 8-9 The Appian Way, Bankstown
Ph: 02 9791 6400

Rana Supermarket & Takeaway Bankstown
Address: Shop 2/ 128 Edgar St, Bankstown, Sydney, NSW 2200, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9709 2436


Indian Grocery Stores Berala, NSW

Watan Supermarket
Address: 154 Woodburn Rd, Berala, NSW, 2141
Telephone Number: 02 9646 4837


Indian Grocery Stores Blacktown, NSW

Indian Super shop Blacktown, Sydney
Fresh Sweets and Savouries, Kitchen items, Electronics (wet Grinder Mixie etc..), Organic and herbal products, Indian ethnic wears, (Silk and Designer Sarees), Salwar suits, Lehengas, Dhotis and fashion designs, Groceries and much more
Address: 7/40 Allawah Street, Blacktown NSW, Australia 2148
Telephone: 1300 1717 22
Mobile: 0468 835 530
Facebook Page

Shivras Groceries Blacktown, Sydney
Indian, Fijian, Island, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and similar products.
Address: 1/94 Kildare Road, Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia 2148
Telephone: (02) 8678 0216
Facebook: Shivras Groceries

IndMart – Indian Grocery Shop, Blacktown
Address: Shop 6 Tulloch Street, Off Richmond Road, Blacktown, Sydney, NSW 2148
Telephone: 02 9621 4826

Aarththi Spices Blacktown
Indian Grocery Store in Blacktown Specialising in North & South Indian Groceries and Spices.
Address: 26 Sackville St Blacktown NSW 2148
Telephone Number: (02) 9676 5027

Karishma Spice World
Address: 17 Patrick St, Blacktown NSW 2148, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9676 5786

Raj Supermarket, Blacktown
Address: 84 Reservoir Rd, Blacktown, Sydney, NSW 2148, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9622 8413 / (02) 8678 7234

Maharajah’s Spices Blacktown
Indian Grocery Store in Blacktown Selling Herbs, Spices and Food Items From India and Pakistan.
Address: 6/2 Garling Road, Kings Park, Blacktown, NSW 2148
Telephone: 02 8678 3151

Kumar’s Video Entertainment Blacktown
We Sell Groceries From India, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Nepal.
Address: U 11, 93-97 Main St, Blacktown, Sydney, NSW, 2148
Phone: (02) 9622 1977

Singh Food & Spices Blacktown
Come Visit Our Shop For Friendly Service and Shopping Of Indian Groceries in Blacktown.
143 Stephen Street (cnr Sackville Street),Blacktown, Sydney NSW
Phone: 02 9676 4677
Fax: 02 9676 4688

786 Spice & Video Centre Sydney
Indian/ Pakistani Grocery Supermarket and Video Rental Shop in Blacktown, Western Sydney.
Address: 6/12 Sunnyholt Road, Blacktown
Phone: (02) 98317220

Spice Land Supermarket Blacktown
Supermarkets & Grocery Stores – Blacktown, NSW
Shp6/ 40 Third Ave, Blacktown NSW 2148, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9676 7477


Indian Grocery Stores Burwood, NSW

Patel Brothers Supermarket
All varieties of Indian, Pakistani and Islander groceries. Convenience Store
Address: 101/3 Railway Pde, Burwood, NSW 2134
Phone: (02) 9745 1618


Indian Grocery Stores Campsie, NSW

Indian Grocery Campsie Opp Station
Cheapest Indian Grocery Shop in Campsie, NSW Providing Indian/ Pakistani/ Bangladeshi / Nepali Groceries & Spices.
Address: Campsie Station
Telephone: 02 8790 9021

OM Convenience Store
Indian Grocery Store in Campsie Specialising in Indian and Ethnic Groceries and MoneyGram Money Transfer Services.
Address: 311 Beamish Street Campsie NSW 2194, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9789 1229

Sidhi Vinayak Pty Ltd
Address: 268 Beamish St, Campsie NSW 2194, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 8065 4613

Campsie Spice Supermarket
Address: 311 Beamish St, Campsie NSW 2194, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9718 2221

AL-Amira Supermarket
Buy Any Kind Of Indian Groceries and Masalas.
Address: 53 Beamish St, Campsie NSW 2194, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9787 8477


Indian Grocery Stores Cammeray, NSW

Kathmandu Convenience Store Cammeray
Address: 330C Miller Street, Cammeray, Sydney, NSW, 2141
Telephone: 02 9460 1279


Indian Grocery Stores Campbelltown, NSW

Campbelltown Spice Centre
74 Queen Street, Campbelltown, Sydney, NSW 2560
Phone: (02) 4625 1888


Indian Grocery Stores Chatswood, NSW

Indian Grocery House, Sydney
Largest, Biggest & Cheapest Indian Grocery Supermarket In Sydney’s North Shore In Chatswood.
Address: Ground Floor, 24 Thomas St., Chatswood, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: (02) 8084 9291
Mobile: 0430 275 735


Indian Grocery Stores Chippendale, NSW

Amman Pty Ltd
Shp105/ 92 Cleveland St, Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9699 3501

Crows Nest

Indian Grocery Stores Crows Nest, NSW

Ashoka Indian Foods and Spice’s
Shp20/ 103 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest NSW 2065, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9439 7996


Indian Grocery Stores Croydon, NSW

Aum Spice Center Croydon
Address: 19 The Strand Croydon NSW
Phone: (02) 97441 177

Dee Why

Indian Grocery Stores Dee Why, NSW

Indian Emporium Dee Why
Sop 1 910 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why NSW 2099, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9981 1045


Indian Grocery Stores Doonside, NSW

Moshims Discount Store Doonside, Sydney
Address: 2 Doonside Rood, Doonside, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: (02) 9621 3220
Moshim’s Discount Store Google Plus Page

Doonside Fruit & Veg Mart and Indian Grocery
Sub-Continent Spices and Groceries.
Address: 5 Hill End Road, Doonside, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: 02 9622 1630
Mobile: 0432 768 742

Dulwich Hill

Indian Grocery Stores Dulwich Hill, NSW

Mangal Spices & Video
Indian Supermarket in Dulwich Hill.
Address: 424 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9560 9272

Asian For Groceries
Asian and Some Indian Food Items.
Address: 512 Marrickville Rd, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9518 3913


Indian Grocery Stores Eastwood, NSW

Srijanany – Indian & Sri Lankan Groceries
Address: Shop 3, 124 Rowe St, Eastwood, North-West Sydney, NSW, 2122
Telephone Number: (02) 9804 8591

Hana Asian Grocery
Address: 27 Railway Pde, Eastwood NSW 2122, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9874 1581


Indian Grocery Stores Epping, NSW

Spice House Epping
Exclusive Shop for Indian, Nepalese, Sri Lankan & Pakistani Products.
Address: 76 Beecroft, Epping, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: 02 98765573

Dalton Spices P/L Epping, Melbourne
Address: 731 High St Epping, VIC 3076
Telephone: 03 9408 4066

Sydney Food Mart : Indian Groceries & Spices Epping
Rice, dals, beans, spices Shan Masalas, Hydrabadi, Biryani Latest and best DVD’s in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil & Punjabi
32, Oxford Street, Epping, Sydney 2121
Telephone: (02) 9868 4786
Mobile: 0421 431 004/ 0423 035 467


Indian Grocery Stores Fairfield, NSW

Raj Bazaar Indian Groceries Fairfield
Indian/ Punjabi Grocery Shop in Fairfield Selling Indian Grocery and Household Items.
Address: 33, Dale Street Fairfield Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 97240364

R.A Sharma & Co. Pty. Ltd.
We Specialise in Selling Fiji vegetables, Taro Fiji fish, Indian spices, Hindi Bollywood Movies, Tongan and Samoan Food Items
Address: 109, Sackville st, Fairfield, Sydney 2165, New South Wales Australia
Phone: 02 9726 6044
Mobile: 0425 278 166


Indian Grocery Stores Glossodia, NSW

Khan General Store, Glossodia, Sydney, NSW
Food & General Stores, Glossodia, Sydney, NSW
Address: Shop7 / 160 Golden Valley Drv, Glossodia NSW 2756, Australia
Telephone: (02) 4576 7007


Indian Grocery Stores Granville, NSW

Taj (Syd) Pty Ltd
We Are Importers and Distributers Of Indian Groceries and We Specialise in Wholesale and Retail Groceries, Ready to Eat Meals, Spices and Utensils. Buy all your Indian groceries and spices in Western Sydney From Taj Groceries Pty Ltd.
Contact Details
Location: 11, Harbord Street, Granville, Sydney 2142, New South Wales Australia
Telephone: 02 9760 0999
Fax: 02 9760 0555

Farhat Supermarket Granville
Address: Unit 1/ 102 South St, Granville, Sydney, NSW 2142, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9897 0772


Indian Grocery Stores Guildford, NSW

Abbas Supermarket
Address: Lot1/ 326 Guildford Rd, Guildford NSW 2161, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9632 2234

Auntie Gina’s
Location: Sh0p 2/ 505 Guildford Rd, Guildford West NSW 2161, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9632 4322

Harris Park

Indian Grocery Stores Harris Park, NSW

India Bazaar Harris Park
Location: 100 Wigram St, Harris Park NSW 2150, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9635 8935
Facebook: India Bazaar

Sabzee Supermarket – Fruit & Spice Shop
First ever Indian supermarket with fresh fruits and Vegetables at lowest prices.
Address: 78 Wigram Street, Harris Park, Sydney, NSW
Telephone Number: 02 8677 7950

Shreeji Indian Grocery, Harris Park
Buy Indian Groceries and Sweets Such as Motichur Ladoo, Pista Ghari, Badaam Ghari, Ice Halwa, Golden Halwa, Halwasan, Kaju Katli, Kaju Anjeer Roll, Anjeer Halwa, Kesar Peda
Address: Shop 2/2 Kendall St, Harris Park, Sydney, NSW 2150
Ph:(02) 9635 1993

Parramatta Spices Harris Park Sydney
The Best and The Biggest Indian Supermarket in Wigram Street, Harris Park Selling Wholesale and Retail Groceries, Spices and Other Food Items at Cheap Prices.
Address: 100 Wigram Street Harris Park NSW
Phone: (02) 9635 8935

Radhe Wholesale & Retail Indian Groceries Harris Park
The Largest Wholesale Indian Supermarket in Harris Park. Come to us for your Favourite Spices, Daals, Rice, Snacks, Fruits & Vegies, utensils and latest Bollywood Hindi movies at Lowe Prices.
Address: 8-10 Station Street East, Harris Park, Sydney, NSW 2150, Australia
Phone 02 9687 0024

Himalaya Spice Centre Harris Park
Indian Grocery Shop and Supermarket in Station Street and Wigram Street in Harris Park Suburb Of Greater Western Sydney Offering The Best Quality Indian Groceries, Hindi, Punjabi Movies and Music at Cheap Prices.
Address: Shop 3, 96-98 Wigram St, Harris Park, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: 02 9893 8691

Patel Brothers Supermarkets Pty Ltd
Address: 1-3/ 85-87 Marion St, Harris Park NSW 2150, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9635 6055

Maruti Mart Harris Park
Shop 3/ 2 Kendall St, Harris Park NSW 2150, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9635 1993

Tropical Taste Market
Address: 51 Marion Street Harris Park NSW
Phone: (02) 96893646


Indian Grocery Stores Homebush, NSW

Indian and Pacific Market Homebush
Indian General and Grocery Shops in Homebush, West Of Sydney Selling Indian Groceries, Spices and Masalas.
Address: 30B, The Crescent, Homebush NSW
Call (02) 97467169
Fax: 02 9764 6682

Aarththi Spices Homebush
Wholesale and Retail Indian Spice Shop in Sydney Selling Indian Spices, Garam Masalas, Chutneys, Pickles, Curry Powders, Curry Sauces and Kitchen Pots and Pans.
Address: u10/16 Henley Road Homebush West NSW 2140?
Telephone Number: (02) 9763 5736

Pyramid Video & Spice Homebsuh West
Tamil Indian Grocery Store in Homebush Selling Rice, dals, wheat flour and biscuits.
Shop Address: 114 The Crescent, Homebush West NSW 2140, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9764 4433

Spiceland Pty Ltd
Indian Wholesale and Retail Supermarket in Homebush South, West Of Sydney.
Location 14/ 22 Henley Rd, Homebush South NSW 2140, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9746 2996


Indian Grocery Stores Hornsby, NSW

Himalaya Spice Centre Hornsby
Come Visit Our Shop to Buy Any Kind Of Quality Indian Spices, Condiments & Groceries.
Address: 1/1 Pound Road, Hornsby, Sydney, NSW 2077
Telephone: 02 9477 2500

India Poised Hornsby
India Poised is The Best Indian Grocery Store in Hornsby, North West Sydney Selling Quality Indian Groceries, Spices, Curry Mixes, Phone Cards and Bollywood Movies at Cheap Prices.
Address: U 512, 1c Burdett St, Hornsby, NSW, 2077
Telephone Nunber: (02) 9476 8217

Curry Masters Sydney
Address: 8/18 Leighton Place, Hornsby NSW 2075
We Sell All Kind Of Indian Curry Powders, Food Items, Household Goods and Indian Products Such as Papda, Farfars, Sunflower Oil, Verka Desi Ghee, Pooja Items and Bollywood Movie Rentals.
Phone: (02) 9987 2822

Hornsby Indian Bazaar
One Stop Indian Grocery Shop For All Your Grocery Shopping Such as MDH Masalas, Haldiram Snacks, Rajah, Punjabi Chai, Pickles, Chutneys and Garlic/ Ginger Paste.
Shop 3, 43a Florence St, Hornsby, NSW, 2077
Telephone: (02) 9482 8445

Pal Asian Grocery
Address: 8- 10 Florence St, Hornsby NSW 2077, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9477 5786


Indian Grocery Stores Hurstville, NSW

Manik’s Spices Hurstville, Sydney
Address: 305 Forrest Road Hurstville NSW
Phone: (02) 95861119

Harvin Spices Hurstville
Location: 305 Forest Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9586 1119


Indian Grocery Stores Ingleburn, NSW

Himalayan Store Pty Ltd, Ingleburn
Indian Grocery Store in Ingleburn Specialising in Nepalese and Indian groceries and Nepalese Handicrafts.
Address: shop 2B, 19-21 Oxford Road, Ingleburn, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: 02 98292647

JJR Indian and Srilankan Spices
Indian and Sri Lankan Supermarket in Ingleburn With a Huge Variety Of Groceries From India, Pakistan and Sri Lanaka.
Contact Details
Address: 6/ 14 Oxford Rd, Ingleburn, South West Sydney NSW 2565, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 8798 4747

Mannys House Of Spices
Largest Indian Grocery Shops in Ingleburn With Large Ranges Of Indian Products, Bollywood Movies, Books, Magazines and Kitchen Utensils.
Location: U 4, 7 Devon Rd, Ingleburn, South Western Sydney NSW 2565, Australia
Telephone Number: 0415 655 173

Choice Quality Foods Sydney
Address: 4/7 Devon Road, Ingleburn, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Phone: (02) 9829 7524


Indian Grocery Stores Kingswood, NSW

National Spice Centre
Shop 2/ 232 Great Western Hwy, Kingswood NSW 2747, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 4722 5666


Indian Grocery Stores Kogarah, NSW

Patel Brothers, Indian Grocery Store, Kogarah, Sydney, NSW
Indian Grocery Shop and Supermarket in Kogarah Selling Indian Products Such as Dabur, MDH Masalas, Shan Masalas, Kissan and Tajmahal Tea.
Address: 17 Regent St, Kogarah, Sydney, NSW 2217, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9587 3617

Sharma Video and Spice Sydney
Indian Grocery Shop in Kogarah, South West Sydney Selling Indian Brands Such as India Gate, Lal Qilla, Taj Basmati, Haldirams Snacks, Lashand atta, Sona Snacks and Surya range Pickles.
Address: 9 Station Street, Kogarah, Sydney, NSW
Telephone Number: 02 95538402

Swadesh Groceries
The Best and The Cheapest Indian Supermarkets & Grocery Stores in Kogarah, South Western Sydney.
Address: Shop 1/ 22 Queen Victoria St, Kogarah NSW 2217, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9587 9616


Indian Grocery Stores Lakemba, NSW

Lucky’s Indian Supermarket Lakemba
Indian Spice Shop in South West Sydney Selling Indian Groceries and Spices. We specialize in Indian, Fijian, Pakistani, African and Island food items and movies.
Contact: Mr.Lucky Singh
Address: 38B, Haldon Street, Lakemba, Sydney 2195, New South Wales Australia
Phone: 02 9750 7591
After Hours: 02 9759 0914

Buraq Plus Convenience Store Lakemba, Sydney
All indian and Pakistani Groceries in Lakemba at Guaranteed Cheap Prices.
Address: 6/132-134 Haldon Street, Lakemba, Sydney
Mobile: 0435 150 097

Shah Jalal Grocery, Butcher & Money Transfer, Lakemba, Sydney, NSW
Indian Grocery Shops in Lakemba Selling Low Price Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi, Groceries, Butcher & Money Transfer Services.
Address: 30b Haldon St, Lakemba, Sydney, NSW 2195, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9758 5040

Bismillah Groceries
107 Haldon St, Lakemba NSW 2195, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9750 6777

Lane Cove

Indian Grocery Stores Lane Cove, NSW

Spices Of Asia
Shp2/ 139 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove NSW 2066, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9418 8684


Indian Grocery Stores Lidcombe, NSW

Spice House Indian Groceries Lidcombe
We Specialise in Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Fijian and Islander Groceries.
42 Railway Street, Lidcombe, Sydney, NSW 2141
Call 02 9749 2347


Indian Grocery Stores Liverpool, NSW

Udaya Spices Indian Groceries Liverpool
Address: 186 Macquarie Street, Liverpool, Sydney NSW 2170
Telephone: 02 9601 5859
Mobile: 02 9601 5859

Chennai Bazaar, Liverpool
Indian, Sri Lankan and Asian Food Items, Handicrafts, Gifts items, Pooja items, DVD’s, clothing etc. We Stock Indian Brands Such as Dabur, Ayur, Ganesh Khani, Emani, Neem, No mark, Godreg, Iodex, Zandu Balm and Hamdard.
Contact: Mr. Bala
Address: Shop 4, 72-78 Hoxton Park Road, Liverpool 2170, NSW Australia
Phone: 02 9602 6494
Mobile: 0432 741 280
Fax: 02 9602 6698

Tara’s international Trading Liverpool
Indian Groceries in Liverpool Sydney Specialising in Indian Brands Such as Himtaj, kissan, Bru, Tajmahal Tea, Frooti, India Gate, Lal Qilla, Taj Basmati, Haldirams snacks and Maya Sweets.
214 Northumberland Street, Liverpool NSW 2170
Phone: (02) 9822 7555

Liverpool India : Indian Grocery Superstore Sydney
Marble Temples Exclusively Available, Complete and Pure Puja samagri solution for religious ceremonies
341, Macquarie St, Liverpool, Sydney NSW (Corner of Bathurst and Macquarie St)
Ph: 02 9822 4950
Mobile: 0414 653 753

Ratan’s Fiji Shop
Indian Grocery Shop in Liverpool Selling Indian Groceries and Products Such as Sona Sweets, Sona atta , Lashand atta, Sona snacks and Surya range Pickles.
Address: Shop 7 130 Elizabeth Drive Liverpool NSW
Phone: (02) 98228352

Indolanka Spices
Indian Supermarket in Liverpool Selling All Kind Of Indian and Sri Lankan Groceries and Spices.
32 Memorial Ave, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9734 9083

Namaste Bollywood
Indian Grocery Shop Specialising in Shan Masalas, MDH Masalas, Elephant Atta, Lashand Atta, Verka Desi Ghee and Amar Chuppati flours
25 Scott St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9602 6605

Amir Supermarket
Indian Grocery Store in Liverpool Selling All Kind Of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Nepali, Afgani, Fijian and Islander Groceries, Spices, Herbs, Pulses and Beans.
233-235 Northumberland St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9821 1727
Telephone Number: (02) 9734 7228

Haifa Asian Grocery
203 George St, Liverpool NSW 2170, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9600 7271

Macquarie Fields

Indian Grocery Stores Macquarie Fields, NSW

Bengol Videos & Spices
Macquarie Fields NSW 2564, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9618 1818


Indian Grocery Stores Matraville, NSW

Lal’s Food Mart, Matraville, Sydney, NSW
Indian Supermarket & Grocery Stores, Matraville, NSW
Address: 464 Bunnerong Rd, Matraville, Sydney, NSW 2036, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9661 9777


Indian Grocery Stores Meadowbank, NSW

Pachi’s Indian Grocery & Mixed Business, Meadowbank Sydney
Address: Shop 7.9 / 11 Bay Drive Meadowbank, Sydney, NSW 2114
Telephone: 02 8041 0321
Facebook: Pachi’s Indian Grocery & Mixed Business

Nav Durge Indian Grocery Shop in Meadowbank
Telephone: 02 8041 0321
Address: Shop 7.9, 11 Bay Drive, Meadowbank, Sydney

Spice Passions Sydney
The Best and The Largest Indian Grocery Store in Meadowbank, West Of Sydney Selling All Indian Household Items and Groceries in One Place.
Address: 9 Railway Road, Meadowbank NSW 2114
Phone: (02) 9809 5179
Fax: (02) 9809 5179

SMB Food & Spice Centre
Indian Supermarket in Meadowbank Where You Can Buy Indian Groceries and Spices Such as Herbs, Pulses, Basmati Rice, Lentils, Beans, Oils, Verka Desi Ghee, Indian Beauty & Cosmetic Products and Cooking Ingredients
Address: 9 Station Rd, Meadowbank NSW 2114, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9809 5179


Indian Grocery Stores Merrylands, NSW

Filoz Asia Mini Mart
Shop 7 215 McFarlane St, Merrylands NSW 2160, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9897 7138


Indian Grocery Stores Miranda, NSW

Bazaar Indian Grocery Store
Shp 2/ 621 Kingsway St, Miranda NSW 2228, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9525 8280


Indian Grocery Stores Mortdale, NSW

Alfa Spices Pty Ltd Mortdale, Southern Sydney
10 Hearne St, Mortdale NSW 2223, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9534 3277

Mount Druitt

Indian Grocery Stores Mount Druitt, NSW

Jai-Ho International Pty. Ltd. Mount Druitt
The Best Indian Grocery Store in Mount Druitt With Full Range of Indian Groceries & Spices, Ready To Eat Meals, Indian/Pakistani Basmati Rice, Masala Tea, Full range of Haldiram’s Snacks and Sweets, All types of lentils and many more.
Address: 10 Zoe Place, Mount druitt, Sydney, NSW 2770
Mobile: 0412 815 442

U C Store, Mount Druitt, Sydney
Indian/ Pakistani Grocery Shop in Mount Druitt, Western Sydney Offering Groceries and Moneygram Agent Services.
Name: Osman
Address: 50 Morehead Ave, Mount Druitt, Sydney, NSW 2770, Australia
Telephone: 02 96779994

CMJ Video & Spice Centre
Indian Spice Shop Selling Indian Spices and Bollywood Movies in Mount Druitt, West Of Sydney.
Shop 5/ 13 Mount St, Mt Druitt NSW 2770, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9832 2765

Saktek Importer of fine quality Pickles and Spread
Address: Mount Druitt NSW
Phone: (02) 96779101


Indian Grocery Stores Narellan, NSW

Manny’s House Of Spices Narellan
Address: 53 valleyview Drive, Narellan, Sydney, NSW, 2567
Telephone Number: (02) 4648 5808
Mobile: 0415 655 173
Fax: (02) 4648 5808

Neutral Bay

Indian Grocery Stores Neutral Bay, NSW

Yash Indian Grocery Neutral Bay, Sydney
Address: Shop 3, 9-17 Young Street, Neutral Bay, Sydney, NSW 2089
Telephone: 02 9908 4599
Mobile: 0470 181 940

Anmol Enterprises Pty Ltd
9/ 156 Military Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Australia
Telephone: 0433 146 825


Indian Grocery Stores Newtown, NSW

Vinayak – Indian Groceries
Indian Grocery Store in Newtown Selling All Kind Of Indian Groceries, Spices, Herbs, Masalas, Rice, Pulses, Lentils, Beans and Frozen Food Items. We Also Sell Latest Release Hindi Bollywood Movies, Hindi/Punjabi Music CD’S & DVD’S.
642 King St, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9550 6681

Fiji Markets
Shopping For All Kind Of Indian and Fijian Groceries and Spices in Inner West Sydney Suburbs.
Address: 591 King Street Newtown NSW
Phone: (02) 95172054

Island Food Supplies Sydney
All Kind Of Indian and Islander Groceries and Food Items in Inner West Sydney.
Address: 565 King Street Newtown NSW
Phone: (02) 95191141


Indian Grocery Stores Oatley, NSW

B & K Alisha Link Store
59 Rosa St, Oatley NSW 2223, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9579 6885

Orchard Hills

Indian Grocery Stores Orchard Hills, NSW

Chemico Pty Ltd Sydney
Address: 14 Bordeaux Place, Orchard Hills, NSW 2748
Phone: (02) 4736 8613


Indian Grocery Stores Parramatta, NSW

Colors Of India – Indian Grocery Store Parramatta
Buy All Kind Of Indian, Pakistani, Nepali Groceries and Spices in Parramatta, West Sydney.
Contact Details
Address: 95 Victoria Road, Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone: (02) 9630 5099

Convenience at Church Street Parramatta, Sydney
Come visit our store for all you Indian Grocery Shopping in Parramatta and Be Amazed By Our Large Selection Of Indian Spices Imported From India and Other Asian Countries. Wholesale and Retail Order Welcome.
Address: Shop 2, 105-107 Church Street, Parramatta, Sydney
Call (02)9635 3936

Om Indian Groceries Parramatta, Western Sydney
We Stock All Indian Brand Items Such as MDH Masalas, Haldiram Snacks, Rajah, Elephant Atta, Lal Quilla Basmati Rice and Lashand Atta. We Also Sell Ground Spices, Whole Spices, Sunflower Oil, Curry Powder, Jeera Powder, Dhaniya Powder and Fenugreek Powder etc.
Location: 9/ 1 Palmer St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 8840 9726

Anmol King Rice
Indian Grocery Shop in Parramatta (Western Suburbs Of Sydney) Selling Indian Groceries and Herbs From All Over The World. Are You Looking to Buy Toiletries and Personal Care Items Such as Vatika hair oil, Amla, Shikakhai, Jasmine, Neem and Sandalwood, Then Come visit Our Shop.
Address: Level l1/ 55 Philip St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia
Telephone: 1300 973 373

Parramatta Asian Groceries
Location: North Parramatta NSW 2151, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9630 4810

Pendle Hill

Indian Grocery Stores Pendle Hill, NSW

Sinthu Asian Supermarket Sydney
We Specialise in Indian and Sri Lankan Spices, Groceries, Sweets, Ready to eat Curries, Bollywood Movies, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi DVD’s.
Contact Details
Address: 124 Pendle way, Pendle Hill, West Sydney NSW
Telephone Number: 02 9636 9644

Palm Lanka Traders
Indian and Sri Lankan Grocery Shop in Pendle Hill Selling Indian Products Such as Basmati Rice, Wheat Flour, Maida, Beans, Pulses, Lentils and Kitchenware Items.
Location: 3 Joyce St, Pendle Hill, Western Sydney, NSW 2145, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9688 1819


Indian Grocery Stores Penrith, NSW

IK Groceries Sydney
We sell Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Fijian Groceries and fresh fruit and veg on cheap price.
Address: 229 High Street, Penrith, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: 02 4789 0915

Spice Collection Sydney
Variety of spices available to make your dishes exotic … And ready made food for a lazy relaxing day.. in the heart of Penrith, looking forward meeting you all.
Contact Details and Shop Location
Address: [5/6] 389 High Street, Penrith, Sydney, NSW 2750
Telephone Number: (02) 4701 5898
Facebook: spicecollection

Winmani Indian Supermarket Penrith Sydney NSW
Indian Grocery Shop in Penrith, Western Sydney
Address: 12 Castlereagh St, Penrith, Sydney NSW 2750
Telephone: 02 4721 1082


Indian Grocery Stores Prospect, NSW

Mks Foods
U1/ 25 Stoddart Rd, Prospect NSW 2148, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9631 2311

Quakers Hill

Indian Grocery Stores Quakers Hill, NSW

Rehmat Supermarket Quakers Hill
Address: 9/14 Douglas Road, Quakers Hill, Sydney, NSW 2763
Telephone: 02 9626 6666

Krishna Spice Quakers Hill, Sydney
Indian Grocery Store and Supermarket in Quakers Hill Selling Wholesale and Retail Indian Groceries, Frozen Vegetables, Garam Masalas, Pickles, Curry Kits and Curry Ingredients.
Contact Details and Location Information
Address: 1/3 Nirimba Dr, Quakers Hill, Sydney
Telephone: 02 9837 5055

Patel Brothers Punjab Supermarket
Indian Grocery Shop in Quakers Hill Where You Can Buy Indian, Sri Lankan, Nepali, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Fijian Groceries and Cookwarte Items.
Address: 3/ 8 Douglas Rd, Quakers Hill NSW 2763, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9626 6022

Chowking Food Mart Quakers Hill
Address: Shop 2, 13 Railway Rd, Quakers Hill, NSW, 2763
Phone: (02) 9626 0239
Fax: (02) 9626 0239


Indian Grocery Stores Redfern, NSW

Baraka Mini Market – Redfern
Indian/ Bangladeshi/ Lebanese Groceries
Address: 157 Regent St, Redfern, Sydney, NSW, 2016, Australia
Telephone: 02 8668 5268
Mobile: 0414 135 214


Indian Grocery Stores Rockdale, NSW

Dhaka Mini Market Rockdale, Sydney
Bangladeshi Grocery Store in Rockdale, Sydney Specialising in Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali and Fijian Groceries.
MoneyGram Money Transfer: World wide Money Transfer Service
Halal Butcher (Fresh Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Goat Meat)
Business Hours: Open 7 Days Till 11PM
Address: 108 Railway St, Rockdale NSW 2216
Phone:(02) 9599 5077

Ropes Crossing

Indian Grocery Stores Ropes Crossing, NSW

Subzee Indian Supermarket, Sydney
Address: Shop 8 Central Place, Ropes Crossing, NSW 2760
Telephone: 02 96730489

Rouse Hill

Indian Grocery Stores Rouse Hill, NSW

Country Growers Rouse Hill
Shop GR003, Rouse Hill Town Centre, Rouse Hill
Ph: 02 9836 3590


Indian Grocery Stores Ryde, NSW

Bahar Persian Food And Art
32b Church St, Ryde, NSW, 2112
Phone: (02) 9809 7484

Seven Hills

Indian Grocery Stores Seven Hills, NSW

Milan Bazaar Seven Hills
Address: 69 Boomerang Pl, Seven Hills NSW 2147
Telephone: 02 9622 7285

Aamchi Mumbai Indian Grocery Store Seven Hills Sydney
Indian Supermarket in Seven Hills Selling Snack Food, Biscuits, Novelties, Drinks, News Papers, Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Sub Continental Groceries, Spices and Many More Items Which are available for reasonable rates.
Address: Shop 4, 6 Orana Avenue, Seven Hills, Western Sydney NSW 2147
Telephone: 02 9621 1022

Kate Foods & Spices Seven Hills
Buy All Kind Of Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese, Pacific Island, South African, Maritius Groceries and Spices. We Also Sell Indian Brand Name Products Such as Dabur, Ganesh Khani, MDH Masalas, Tajmahal Tea, Frooti, India Gate, Lal Qilla, Taj Basmati, Haldirams Namkeen, Maya Sweets and Surya range Pickles
Address: 41 Boomerang PI, Seven Hills, Western Sydney
Call (02) 9831 5820

Singhs Pacific Enterprise Seven Hills
Indian Convenience store Selling General Indian groceries, Island, Indian, Asian and African food and Spices. We Also Sell Chapatis & Breads, Pappadum, Farfar, Papdis, Pickles, Chutneys & Pastes.
Name: Rosey Singh
Address: 4-6 Orana Avenue, Seven Hills, Sydney NSW 2147
Telephone: 02 96211022
Mobile: 0404473455
Fax: 02 9621 1022

Serendip Spice & Video
Quality Indian, Sri Lankan, Pacific Island Spices. Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam Movies. We Also Sell Whole and Ground Spices Such as Chillies, Jeera, Dhaniya, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper, Elaichi and Mustard Seeds.
Take Away Food
Open 7 Days
37-39 Boomerang Pl, Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 8814 9555


Indian Grocery Stores Silverwater, NSW

Max Spices
Address may be wrong – Please call the store to verify location.
Address: 11/28 Vore Street Silverwater NSW
Phone: (02) 96484606


Indian Grocery Stores Smithfield, NSW

Patel Brothers Supermarkets Pty Ltd, Indian Grocery Shop, Smithfield, Sydney, NSW
Come Visit Us For All Your Indian Grocery Shopping Requirements in Smithfield. The Best Indian Grocery Supermarket.
Address: U 16/ 323-329 Woodpark Rd, Smithfield, SydneyNSW 2164, Australia
Telephone: (02) 9635 6055

Max Spices Smithfield
Indian Supermarket in Smithfield Selling Indian Products Such as Phone Cards, Pooja Items
Address: 10 Jumal Place Smithfield NSW 2164
Telephone Number: (02) 9604 9600

St Marys

Indian Grocery Stores St Marys, NSW

Home Town Supermarket St Marys – 24 Hour Indian Supermarket
Address: 1/524 Great Western Hwy (Next to Metro Petrol Station), St Marys, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: 02 9623 9768

K and S Indian Foods St Marys
Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Nepali Groceries, Spices, Herbs, and Food Items.
Contact Details and Location
Address: 2/, Unit 2, 14 Bent St, St Marys, NSW, 2760
Phone Number: (02) 9623 4013

Pacific Green Grocery St Marys
The Best Indian Supermarket For Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Weekly Grocery Shopping in St Marys, Western Sydney.
Contact Details
Address: 25 Queen St, St Marys, Sydney
Telephone Number: 02 9833 4109

Memsaab – St Marys Indian Grocery Shop
The Largest Indian Supermarket Selling Indian Groceries at Reasonably Cheap Prices.
Address: 6 Crana Street, St Marys, Sydney
Telephone Number: 02 9623 1970

Aam Supermarket
Address: Shop3/ 66 Queen St, St Marys NSW 2760, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9833 1217

St Leonards

Indian Grocery Stores St Leonards, NSW

Indian grocery House St Leonards, Sydney
Address: 554 Pacific Highway, St Leonards, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: 02 9439 8950

Stanhope Gardens

Indian Grocery Stores Stanhope Gardens, NSW

Desi Hatti Stanhope Gardens
Buy Indian, Fiji, Pakistani Groceries and Vegetables.
Address: Shop 72, Stanhope Village, 2 Sentry Drive, Stanhope Gardens, Sydney, NSW 2768
Telephone: 02 8678 5573


Indian Grocery Stores Strathfield, NSW

Vinayak Indian Groceries Strathfield, Sydney, NSW
Indian Supermarket in Strathfield Selling All Kind Of Indian Groceries, Spices, Bollywood Movie Rentals, Kitchens Utensils, Pots & Pans, Books and Magazines.
Address: Shop 4/5, 39 The Boulevard, Strathfield, Sydney, NSW
Phone: (02) 97460394

Raja Ram Trading Pty Ltd, Strathfield, Sydney, NSW
Indian Grocery Shop in Strathfield, Inner Western Sydney Specialising in All Kind Of Indian, Pakistani, Nepali and Fijian Groceries and Household Items.
Address: 19/ 6 Everton Rd, Strathfield, Sydney, NSW 2135, Australia
Mobile: 0401 320 380

Surry Hills

Indian Grocery Stores Surry Hills, NSW

Monika Enterprises Surry Hills Sydney
Address: 478 Cleveland Street Surry Hills Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 96982604


Indian Grocery Stores Thornleigh, NSW

Himalaya Spice Centre Thornleigh
We Are The The Largest Indian Grocery Shop in Thornleigh and We Sell Quality Indian Spices, Condiments & Groceries, Hindi Movies, Music DVD’S.
Address: 1 Station St, Thornleigh, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: 02 9481 8200

Sunil’s Spice Centre
Indian Spice Shop Thornleigh, North West Sydney
Address: Shop 2/4 Station St, Thornleigh NSW 2120, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9484 8241

Jai Ho Spices – Indian Grocery Store Thornleigh
Note: Phone number not working, this store may have closed down
Contact: Mr. Vazir Ali
Address: 2/262 Pennant Hills Road, 2120 Thornleigh, Sydney NSW
Telephone: (02) 9980 6009


Indian Grocery Stores Toongabbie, NSW

Toongabbie Spice Centre
Indian Supermarket in Toongabbie. Buy Any Kind Of Indian/Pakistani Groceries Such as Spices, Curry Kits, Sauces, Pickles, Chutneys, Indian Vegetables and Fruits in Jars.
Address: 477 Wentworth Avenue Toongabbie NSW
Phone: (02) 98961372

Shiva Shakti Supermarket
The Largest Wholesale and Retail Indian Grocery Store in Toongabbie Offering Groceries, Spices, Kitchen Pots & Pans, Bollywood Movies and Music CD’S.
7 Portico Pde, Toongabbie NSW 2146, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 8677 9774

Pranu Enterprises
Shp 5/ 1 Portico Pde, Toongabbie NSW 2146, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9631 6612

Auslink Impex Pty Ltd
Address: 7/153 Toongabbie road ,Toongabbie NSW 2146 Email:
Phone: (02) 9631 6614


Indian Grocery Stores Waitara, NSW

Krishan Spice and Video
Address: 5/71 Edgeworth David Avenue Waitara NSW
Phone: (02) 94828300


Indian Grocery Stores Wentworthville, NSW

Udaya Supermart Wentworthville Sydney
Largest Indian Supermarket in Wentworthville Specialising in General Groceries and Kitchenware Items Such as Utensils, Pots, Pans, Pressure Cookers, Iron Tawa, Handi, Karahi etc.
Address: 64-70, Station Street, Wentworthville 2145
Telephone Numbers: 02 9896 3411/ (02) 9688 3954

Aarththi Spices Wentworthville
Indian Grocery Shop in Wentworthville Selling All Kind Of Indian Grocery Items Such as Spices, Herbs, Masalas, Lentils, Beans, Pulses, Flour, Rice, Cannned Fruits & Vegetables, Pickles, Chutneys, Curry Sauces, Curry Powders and Mixed Spices.
32 Station Street, Wentworthville, Sydney
Call (02) 9896 0288/ 02 9676 5027

Udaya Spice
Indian Spice Shop in Wentwothville Selling Indian Groceries. Buy Pooja Items, Pooja Samagri, Bollywood DVD Movie Rentals, Latest Hindi Songs, Indian Newspapers, Books and Magazines.
Address: 78 Station St, Wentworthville NSW 2145, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9688 3954

Apna Mart
Wholesale and Retail Groceries From Around The World. For All Your Indian Grocery Shopping in Wentworthville, Come visit Ouir Shop. We Sell Spices, Lentils, Flour, Basmati Rice, Frozen Fruits & Veg Items, Utensils, Bollywood DVD Movie Rentals and Latest Hindi Songs.
5 Station St, Wentworthville NSW 2145, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9769 0223

Geet Spice & Convenience Store
Wholesale Grocers in Wentworthville, NSW
Shp1/ 10 Station St, Wentworthville NSW 2145, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9896 7004

Little India Supermarket
Shop 20. 326-336 Great Western Hwy, Wentworthville NSW 2145, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9896 1771


Indian Grocery Stores Westmead, NSW

Namasteji – Indian Smart Mart
Address: Westmead Shopng Cntr Shp3/ 24 Railway Pde, Westmead NSW 2145, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9687 0902

Chennai Trading & Supermart Pty Ltd Westmead
We Specialised in Indian & Srilankan groceries and Convenience.
Phone: 02 8677 0059
Mobile: 0470 220 274
Address: 1/163,Hawkesbury Road, Westmead, Sydney, NSW 2145

The Indian Groceries – Wholesale & Retail Store Westmead
Address: 2 /9-11 Hassall Street, Westmead, Sydney, NSW 2145
Telephone: 02 9687 7788
Mobile: 0430 139 200

Bansi Indian Groceries
Indian Grocery Shop in Westmead Selling Spices, Bollywood Movies, Newspapers, Magazines, Books, Religious Items, Hindu God Statues. All Groceries Available to Buy Wholesale and Retail at Cheap and Discounted Prices.
Contact Details
Address: 5/ 74 Hawkesbury Rd, Westmead, Western Sydney, NSW 2145, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 8677 8663

West Ryde

Indian Grocery Stores West Ryde, NSW

Saby’s World Indian Groceries & Take Away West Ryde
Address: 1081 Victoria Road, West Ryde, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: 02 8021 5537
Mobile: 0425 199 545

Adil’s Spices West Ryde, Sydney
Grocery Store in West Ryde Selling All Kind Of Indian, Pakistani, Nepali, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan Groceries and Spices. We Have a Huge Range Of Indian Spices, Lentils, Rice, Flours etc.
Contact Details
Contact Vazir Ali
Telephone Number: (02) 98742954
Address: 1079 Victoria Rd, West Ryde 2114 NSW

Manny’s Spices West Ryde, North West Sydney
We Sell Blended Spice Mixes & Pastes, Chai (Tea), Parsi cuisine, Sauces etc.
Address: 13 Ryedale Road, West Ryde, Sydney NSW 2114
Address: 1079 Victoria Road, West Ryde, Sydney NSW 2114
Mobile: 0415 655 173 / 0434 198 365
Fax: 02 8580 5683
Email Address:

Gee Spices West Ryde
Buy Indian, Pakistani Groceries in West Ryde, North West Sydney At Cheap Prices.
Address: 1091 Victoria Rd West Ryde, North West Sydney, NSW, Australia
Phone: (02) 98747570

Ravi’s House of Spices
The Largest Indian/ Asian Supermarket and Grocery Store in West Ryde With Large Range Of Spices, Rice, Flours, Snacks, Henna Kits and Phone Cards.
Location: 13 Ryedale Road West Ryde, North West Sydney, NSW, Australia
Phone Number (02) 98081403

Wiley Park

Indian Grocery Stores Wiley Park, NSW

Deshi Bhai Supermarket
Shp1/ 72-74 King Georges Rd, Wiley Park NSW 2195, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9750 6348


Indian Grocery Stores Willoughby, NSW

P K Supermarket Pty Ltd
Shp3/ 303 Penhurst St, Willoughby NSW 2068, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9882 1822


Indian Grocery Stores Woodcroft, NSW

Chettys Spice Shop Woodcroft, Sydney
Indian/ Fijian Grocery Shop in Woodcroft Suburb of Sydney.
Address: Shop 8 Centro Woodcraft, Shopping Centre, Woodcroft, Sydney, NSW
Telephone: 02 8840 8518


Indian Grocery Stores Yagoona, NSW

Sultan’s Choice Foods
9 Angus Crs, Yagoona NSW 2199, Australia
Telephone Number: (02) 9743 8278

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58 Responses to “Indian Grocery Stores in Sydney”

  1. MISHA Says:

    Dear sir/Madam

    We are suppliers of Indian Toiletries,  Bevarages and Cosmetics to all over the world .we can offer all major brands available in India at most competitive prices with ciients in more then 15 countries we are one of the biggest suppliers of branded fast moving consumer goods from India.

    Major brands we deal in are;

    Dabur, Ayur, Dettol, Rexona, Fair and Lovely, Vicco, Lux, Hamam, Lifeboy ,Lril, Rin, Colgate, Nyle, Himani, Ponds, Santoor, Pepsodent, Close-up, Tide, Vicks ,Pantene, Head and Shoulder, Ganesh Khani, Mdh, Mtr, Emani, Neem, No mark, Fair and Handsum, Gillette, Old Spice, Denim, Godreg, Margoi, Iodex, Zandu Balm, Hamdard,  Eno, Stayfree, Pamers, Whisper, Kotex, Nestle, Maggie, OraL.B Himtaj, kissan, Bru, Tajmahal Tea, Frooti, etc….

    Please revert if you dealing in this brands, we assure you our best of service and definitely our tie up will definitely increase your profitably ….

    We look forward to have long, fruitful business relation with your concern for mutual benifts



    Capital Oversees

    7,  Sarja  Market  Complex

    Phase-2, Sector-7, Rohini

    DELHI-110085, India

    Tel; 0091-11-27040099, 0091-11-27050099

    Fax; 0091-11-27932345

    Web site;

  2. Ashika Kumar Says:

    Dear Indian Grocers Suppliers in Sydney.

    I would like to know, how I can buy indian groceries from and Indian Supplier of Indian stuff, in Sydney. I am interested in knowing the price ranges of indian products and any formalities, if there is any. I want to open an Indian grocery shop in Mount Druitt, Sydney.

    Thank you,

    Ashika K.

  3. anil Says:

    I would like to know, how I can buy indian groceries from and Indian Supplier of Indian stuff, in Sydney.

  4. syed Says:

    Hi There,

    I am the importer and wholeseller for shah-e-jahan rice (From Pakistan Premium Quality Basmati Rice)

    Please contact us on 02 96253914, 0402409550

  5. Aman Dhall Says:

    can you please advise me where I can buy Indian Wines



  6. Ron Says:

    A non-Indian restaurant served me a cup of the most wonderful tea, named "Panjabi Chai". I asked the owner if she could sell me some, or tell me where I could buy some to take back to my home out in the country, explaining that doing so would not cost her anything because I rarely come to Sydney anyway. Even so, she refused. Therefore I must ask you: Where can I buy some "Panjabi Chai"? Thank you. Ron

  7. Pulse India Foodstuf Says:

    Hi All,

    We are the supplier of Indian Pulses( All kind off Dalls & whole Beans). We are based in Dubai and i will be available in Australia till the 5th of May 2010.

    Please get in touch by email or contact me on +971556875677 or email me on

  8. Wendy Angus Says:

    Can anyone help. I am trying to buy string hopper maker and dishes somewhere in Sydney.

  9. Hi RON Says:


  10. ARUN Says:

    Hi All,
    We are the supplier of Indian Sweets and foods.Our company name is “SWAD”.We are Distributing our product. Our shef is from Kolkata. We have allready distributed our product in some shops in Hurstvelle, Campsie and Lakemba. We are going to do the catering and mandap in Indian wedding too. If any one want to give the Sweets order for Indian traditional parties or home parties you can directly contact us as well.Our contact Number No is

  11. Teken Tokataake Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’m a sole proprietor based in Tarawa, Kiribati and engaged in the business of general imports/exports. I came across your contact address whilst surfing the net and wish to ask if you carry coconut grater or scraper with handle and of stainless steel originating from Sri Lanka. I’m also interested in establishing business relations in your other range of products and would appreciate if you would oblige to provide me with your price list and terms of trade and your convenience. I also offer to be your sole agent and distributor of your products in my country and nearby countries if you have not appointed any and you’re looking at that possibility in the near future. Look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.
    My personal email:; phone:+ 686-22536; ph/fx: +686-22009; mobile: +686-90445. Thanks and regards, Teken

  12. Naomi Says:


    I make my own Indian spiced Chai and he name of my business is Chai Mamma. I am currently looking for stockists. I am based in Melbourne. My Indian friends say its tastes like authetic masala chai.
    I would be happy to forward samples and give you competetive prices.



  13. gopal Says:

    can anyone please tell me who is the supplier of verka desi ghee in sydney.

  14. gopal Says:

    can anyone please tell me who is the supplier of verka desi ghee in sydney.
    kindly please reply on my or
    call me-0433118356

  15. meg Says:


    Do any indian grocery suppliers stock mandi organic atta in around Sydney.


  16. SueC Says:

    Hi. I am having a party for 100 people and, while keeping costs down, am looking for a caterer. I would like them to supply ready to serve indian foods: 5 finger food entrees and 2 biryani items and naan per person. I would like the items delivered or I can collect. I do not require serving or wait staff. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

  17. manmeet singh Says:

    hi we are the manufacturers and exporters of ready to eat food products ,our specialization is in the non veg pickles like chicken and mutton pickles in our products you get a original punjabi taste because our plant is situated in the heart of punjab and our chefs are also from punjab our brand name is fingerOlicious our plant is working according to international standards we have all important certifications and licenses we want to launch our products in australia if any body interested kindly contact
    my email is

  18. heena gupta Says:

    dear all,
    we are the biggest exporters of all fmcg products from india,we have all branded best quality products from india..
    for more info just visit our
    or mail me at

  19. Anne McMahon Says:

    I would like to know how to get a copy of the November issue of India OK magazine with SRK on the cover. Can anyone help please? I live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney so I’d like to get it by post if possible.
    Thank you

  20. GE Says:

    I want to buy a genuine Indian hand made iron kadai (not cast iron) and spatula. Are there shops in Sydney that sell the above items


  21. shraiy Says:

    we are the exporters of all fmcg products from india,we have all branded best quality products from india.
    for more info just visit our
    or mail me at

  22. Raminder Says:

    we are opening our office in sydney very soon
    we will provide all range.cardamom,rice,flour,dabur products hindustan lever products etc.

  23. Riz Aboo Says:

    Hi, my name is Riz and I manufacture halal marshmallows fresh-to-order. At present I supply a few Indian stores with them with great success. I am now looking to expand production and supply other stores. My marshmallows stay fresh for up to 4 weeks, are made using high quality ingredients and are very reasonably priced. They are an affordable alternative to other Indian sweets. Please contact me for further info at

  24. sheik jilani Says:

    Hi we are major importers of basmati rice in the name of HAFED BASMATI RICE we are the best price fixers we are in Parramatta and we can supply any quantity any where in Sydney please call us on 0415815786 thank you

  25. Selvan Says:

    We are wholesaler of Indian spices, lentils, rice, flours,dry fruits, cooking oil, ghee and many more. We give best price for our products


    Kala Chana, Kabuli Chana, urud black, mung beans, Black eye beans, Chana Dal, Indian Toor Dal, Indian Moongdal,Black uriddal, Urid Dal, Rajma, Masoor Dal, Sugar, Sunflower oil, Vegetable oil, Canola Oil, Sona Masuri Rice, Dry Fruits & nuts, All types of flour, All varity of spices in bluck and retail pack, Curry Master products
    and many more items at the best price in Sydney.

    EPR Food & Spice
    0412 045 065

  26. uutkarsh jain Says:

    Hello Everybody,

    We will like to introduce ourselves as part of ‘Mitzvah’ Group.
    Our Group is well established in the Indian Sub Continent and has Interest in various fields from Manufacturing, Engineering to Trading.

    We represent the export arm of ‘Mitzvah’. We act like Buying Agents in Indian Sub Continent. We help Foreign Stores and Companies to source all kind of Products from India, our major expertise sectors is the ‘Religious Goods’.

    Our Product range varies from :-

    a) Idols in Resin, Marble, Brass, Aluminium, Copper Finish, and Silver, namely for Gods
    (i) Ganesh
    (ii) Krishna
    (iii) Radha Krishna
    (iv) Vishnu
    (v) Sai Baba
    (vi) Ram
    (vii) Hanuman
    (viii) Guru Nanak
    (ix) Jain Gods – Mahavir & Parsvanath
    (x) Mirabai
    (xi) Luxmi
    (xii) Saraswati
    (xiii) Shareware
    (xiv) Shiv
    (xv) Gautam Budha
    (xvi) Others like Dattareya, Dhanwantri, Gayatri Devi, Balaji and Swami Narayan, etc..

    b) Temples in Wood, Marble, and in Meena Work.

    c) Religious Books like Chalisa, Patra, Panchang, Hindu calender etc..

    d) Malas in Rudraksh, sandal beads, holy mala and others.

    e) Religious Pooja Articles like
    (i) Akhand Diya (ii) Plates (iii) Camphor (iv) Ganga Jal
    (v) Hawan Samagri (vi) Kalash (vii) Hawan Kund (viii) Incense Sticks, etc…

    f) Pooja Auspicious Products like
    (i) Crystal Idol (ii) Yantra (iii) Evil Eye

    g) Religious CDs

    h) Clothes like Religious T Shirts, Kurtas, Chunri, Bags, Patta, Dhoti etc…

    i) Electrical Goods like Electical Diya, Lighted God Idols, Lighted Paintings of Various Gods.

    j) Jewellery Display Materials and Artificial Jewellery.

    k) Marriage Sections Kalash, Patra, Kund etc….

    l) Artificial Flowers, Torans, Artificial Flower etc…

    m) Car Hangings etc….

    Besides, this we can even source Materials which you require.

    We are based in Capital region, of India which is the central hub and a central place for the cottage Industry. We have plethora of Manufacturers in our fray and can source you the genuine, world class material at the best Price.

    Advantages you get from hiring us:-
    a) Best Source for the Particular Product.
    b) Timely Deliveries.
    c) Quality Check
    d) No Shortfall in Quantities
    e) Right Price
    f) Exact Status of the Material
    g) Keeping abreast with the Latest Design.

    Hope you find the above to suit your requirement and will oblige by giving us an opportunity to serve you.
    We will be glad to assist you, and you can directly get touch with us on:-
    a) Mitul Jain +91 -9810040484 Director
    b) Uttkarsh +91 -8750660505 Sourcing Manager

  27. M. I. Ali Says:

    We manufacture chicken and meat curry pastes suitable for Bangladeshi taste. As they are pre-cooked, they cut down the cooking time and eliminates the need for grinding and chopping. They are available in 150gm sachets. We welcome commercial inquiries.

    Ratnadwip Foods Limited

  28. Jan Says:

    Can someone tell me please where I can buy clay cooking pots, the ones with removable lids & handles on them that don’t heat up? We used these in a Malaysian cooking school but cooked Indian food! In Sydney by the way Thanks (-:

  29. Sumit Says:

    Hi can some one please tell if any store have Markfed SOHNA cans (Rajma)

  30. sahil Says:

    Hi Ron, I am pasting a link and based on ur experience you can recall if the ingredients in this chai were present in the chai u had before.

  31. Pala Says:

    Interested in buying swad brand rice where to buy this in Sydney please advice

  32. sukh Says:

    can anyone tell me please where we can buy clay pots for cooking……

  33. Julia Says:

    Hi – can anyone tell me where I could buy decorative indian ware ie.. Glasses, lanterns, cushions etc…

  34. Steve Gopalan Says:

    Hello Indian Store Owners,

    If any of you wish to talk about your Foreign Exchange needs whether paying your suppliers overseas or receiving payment from overseas.

    Please call me on DDI 09 9268 7617 or email me to discuss your Foreign Exchange requirements.

    If you wish to set yourself as an affiliate, please let us know and we can arrange for a meeting and discuss the options of commission payment or other methods of remuneration for your refferals.

    Look forward to hearing from your side.

    Thank you


    Steve Gopalan
    Foreign Exchange Dealer
    Associated Foreign Exchange Australia Pty Ltd.
    02 9268 7617

  35. Rush Says:

    hi there,

    i just want to know if any indian shop selling the tabacco kaini in australia sydney?
    hope will get reply from u guyz.

  36. Jay Ghoghari Says:

    Sub: Incense sticks, Herbal Henna and Blended Spices.

    Kindly allow us to introduce ourselves as one of the Leading Manufacturers and Processors of Grounded Spices, Blended Spices, Incense sticks, and Herbal Henna Products in our Brand name “Saffron Mountain” – Straight from the fields of India. At Saffron International India, we have our own Processing Units in Mumbai and Gujarat, India.

    All our units are well equipped with high end technology machinery and processing units to produce the finest and the best quality Spices and Blended spices which adds flavours and Natural Taste to your Meal.

    Since we have more than a decade of experience in Oil industry and are MASTERS in procuring Perfumery compounds , we manufacture All kinds of Incense Sticks using Spice oils, Natural Essential Oils, and Carrier Oils which are well taken care with the process development through steam distillation, procuring the highest quality material for Cosmetic, Pharmaceuticals, Spa, and Food Industry.
    We have made an unmarked effort developing our units and offices in India and Australia to build up our goodwill and provide the best material and quality products with customer satisfaction, business ethics and JIT to our clients.

    At Saffron International Australia, we constantly adhere with the strongest norms and business practices to develop a product keeping in mind to satisfy our clients and consumers without any complain. We always ensure to provide the best quality product at very competitive price with our after sales service.
    We would like to offer you the following products.
    Whole Spices/ Grounded Spices:
    1. Chilli Powder
    2. Chilli Powder Hot
    3. Coriander Powder
    4. Coriander Cumin Powder
    5. Cardamom Powder
    6. Cardamom
    7. Cumin Seeds
    8. Cumin Powder
    9. Black Pepper Powder
    10. Fennel Powder
    11. Ajowin Seeds
    12. Turmeric

    Blended Spices:
    1. Biryani Masala (100gm)- Spice-mix for Delicious Biryani VEG/NON VEG
    2. Chicken Masala (100gm)- Blended Mix for Chicken/Pork/Lamb/Beef
    3. Fish Msala (100gm) -Blended mix of Spices for Seafood- Fishes/Prawns/Mussels
    4. Garam Masala (100gm)- An Aromatic Spices for Indian Dishes
    5. Malvani Masala (100gm)- A Spice- Mix for spicy Indian Dish
    6. Pav Bhaji Masala (100gm)- An aromatic flavour for Pav Bhaji
    7. Sabji Masala (100gm)-A Blended spice for Mix Vegetable
    8. Tandoori Masala (100gm)- Blended spice for Veg/ non Veg BBQ and Tikkas
    9. Xacuti Masala (100gm)- A tangy Goan Speciality Mix
    10. Vindaloo Masala (100gm)-A Blended Spice mix for Spicy Dishes

    Incense Sticks:
    1. Dessert
    2. Floral
    3. Cumin
    4. Rose
    5. White Musk
    6. Jasmine
    7. Lavender
    8. Cinnomon
    9. Amber
    10. Citronella
    11. Fortune
    12. Sandalwood
    13. Fruity

    All our incense sticks are machine made with different variance of Ready to dip(RTD’s) Solution according to demographics and customer wellness.

    Saffron Mountain Herbal Henna
    1. All Henna Products
    2. Herbal Henna for Hair
    3. Cones

    OUR Clientele:
    1. Indian Grocery Market in Victoria
    2. Renaissance IGA
    4. And Other Retail Outlets.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon, anticipating a good business relationship delivering the best service and quality products to your valued organization.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of inquires.

  37. susila Says:

    Where can I buy sakthi masala, MTR varieties, other Tamil based groceries and vegitables even Ready to prepare dosa/idli batter. Plz suggest

  38. Navjeevan Says:


    I would like to introduce you to one of the latest offerings from Dalmia Continental, India, a range of authentic Indian pickles made in Olive Oil. Leonardo Premium Pickles are available in 3 flavors: Mango, Lime & Mix.

    The fact that they are made in olive oil makes them far healthier than ordinary pickles, while retaining the traditional flavor. Olive Oil contains highest monounsaturated “good” fats, which are associated with numerous health benefits and very low saturated “bad” fats, amongst edible oils. Thus, olive oil can aid in prevention of heart disease, in lowering cholesterol and in fighting diabetes.

    We are interested in exploring opportunities of exporting our products to your country. We hope that this will interest you and look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks and regards.

    Nav Jeevan Sharma
    Assistant Manager – Export.
    Dalmia Continental Pvt. Ltd.
    10, Darya Ganj, New Delhi
    India 110002
    Ph: +91-11-43744900
    Fax : +91-11-2327-7875
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  39. Arun Says:

    Hello to all,
    We are a exporter from India, Our main product is “GHEE and RICE”. If any one need our products kindly contact our email id :

    “We expect your valuable enquiry”.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Arun,
    Please contact us throgh our email

    ph 02 98227771.

    25 Scott st,
    Liverpool.nsw 2170

  41. dev Says:

    are there any ganesha idols (eco friendly/ clay) available here? would like to buy for ganesh chaturthi.

  42. Robyn Says:

    Looking to buy coconut oil in 20l drums, can anyone help pls?

  43. Rommy Pal Says:

    Hi, I am selling “Orignal Multani Kamini” for Sale within Australia.I can Providee in Bulk or as Per Required.If Anyone Intrested can Contact

  44. James .L.A Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings to you, I am an Merchandiser Exporter,interested to supply items from India. We give best in quality,
    quantity at competitive prices at your scheduled time.The quality will be organic & inorganic at your desired items. The
    details are as follows.
    1) Food items : Rice, Species,Lenthil & many more.
    2) Herbal Products : Amla juice, Alovera juice, Siprulina tablets, Power tablets, Honey etc.
    3)Textiles : Suitings & Shirtings, Banians, Under garments, Towels, Bed sheets,Ready made garments.
    4) Handicrafts : Toys, Yoga mats,Statues etc.

    In view of the above particulars, I request you to consider me as an Exporter as per your requirement
    at the earliest.

    My details are as follows

    *# 103, ‘D’ Block Sreeram Swagruha Apt*
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    Thanks & Regards
    For AJJ Exports

    Wide array of products such as Spices, Fruits, Vegetables, Herbal Products, Handicrafts, and others



    Black Pepper


    Wall Painting

    Metal Statue
    Wall Art

    Wooden Statues
    Metal Statue

    Wooden Statues
    Wall Art

    Wall Painting

    Preserved Vegetables

    Fresh Vegetables
    Indian Vegetables

    Fresh Indian Fruits
    Fresh Fruits

    Click here to Reply or Forward

  45. randip Says:

    I need multani kamini

  46. RommyPal Says:

    Hi, I am selling “Orignal Multani Kamini” for Sale within Australia.I can Providee in Bulk or as Per Required.If Anyone Intrested can Contact

  47. Miles Says:

    Where can I purchase a Karahi pot (round bottomed, thick base, in either aluminium or stainless steel about 20-30 cms in diameter).

  48. AN Says:


    I am a start-up importer looking to introduce a new brand of Indian frozen products in NSW.

    I would be grateful if any of the existing Indian importers could provide some guidance about storage and delivery options avaialble in NSW for Indian frozen products. Also, how do I approach retailers for distribution?

    Any assistance and guidance is much appreciated.

  49. Gino Says:


    I have a freehold land for sale in Fiji.

    and I need to go in Fiji and subdivision

    the land and later I will sell our

    4 acres freehold land.

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    I have for sale and I will sell all my stock

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    Over 1500 mix Hindi CD movie,

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    8000 natural new rough Garnet,

    500 natural new mix rough Gold Citrine,

    666 natural new rough Queen Tiger Eye,

    290 natural new freshwater white Pearl earring stud .925,

    1000 new natural 5.0mm freshwater white Pearl earring stud,

    550 natural new mix white or gray Pearl bracelet,

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    570 natural new polished Semi-precious Gemstone,

    300 new mix Lady cuff bangle,

    4000 mix use old 1 cent or 2 cents Australian coin,

    For any inquire please e-mail

    Kind Regards, Gino, e-mail:

  50. raza Says:

    am looking to buy a big cooking Patila size (70Cm Dia and 34CM depth) if you keep big cooking patila’s or Deg pls
    reply so I will contact you on phone for the prices because I am in Brisbane and this size of Patila’s are not available in brisbane.
    If you did not stock these please give me the contact detail of those stores who stock these items.

  51. Gino Says:

    Hi to all the people. I have a freehold land for sale in Fiji, and I need to subdivision the land and later I will sell the 4 acres freehold land for FJ$66000.00 For any inquire please e-mail Kind Regards, Gino, e-mail:

  52. Gino Says:

    Hi to all the people, and thank you for you time. I have a
    4 freehold land for sale in Fiji, and I need to
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  53. Bala Says:

    Hi all,
    I am Bala from EBS Consulting. I am interested in e-commerce business for grocery in Australia. I would like to tie up with few wholesalers on business partnership to get a better price for items, so that I can pass on the discount to consumers.
    I can provide all necessary infrastructure which includes mobile apps for the business and costumers, a mobile POS on any smart device, a complete inventory management system, delivery to consumers and B2B automation between businesses & suppliers. If this sounds interesting, then Please call me on 0415147056 or email me on

    Trust me, this is the only way to grow your business both vertically and horizontally.

  54. Keerthini Says:

    I am looking for ganesha clay idol for the festival.

    Please anyone suggest me the right store in Sydney.

  55. Keerthini Says:

    I am looking for ganesha clay idol.

    Please anyone suggest me the right store in Sydney.

  56. om enterprise Says:

    hi i have tulsipowder & moringapowder and Peanut butter
    from india

  57. Dharmesh Agrawal Says:

    We are suppliers in wholesale Indian Fresh Kesar (Gujarati) Mango.

    any body need pls contact me.
    My Mo no. +919825413308

    Ahmedabad. (India)

  58. Dharmesh Agrawal Says:

    We are suppliers in wholesale Indian Fresh Kesar (Gujarati) Mango.

    any body need pls contact me.
    My Mo no. +919825413308
    Email :

    Ahmedabad. (India)

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