Role of Planets in Indian Astrology Charts

Role of Planets in Indian Astrology Charts

Astrologers know exactly how important planets are to our everyday life and how they affect our astrological charts. Many people look to astrologers to pinpoint certain events in their life to help give them clarity and answers to existing and potential life situations. Changes take place when the planets start to transition and conjunct with other planets in our natal charts. These changes can bring us good luck and sometimes situations that are less favourable. The bulk of our learning happens when the planets such as Saturn/Jupteer/Ketu and Rahu move slowly and then conjunct with other planets in our personal astrological charts. To find out more about how you can obtain a report about your very own chart, please contact a Hindu Astrologer in Melbourne for more extensive answers to all of your collective questions.

Understanding the astrological planets and how they work is extremely important to seeking the extensive answers you are looking for!

The Karma Index

The first astrological planet to consider is the Karma Index, this index is basically about the overall Karmic makeup. It centres around your personal achievements, the financial inn’s and outs of your personal debts, failures, positive and negative energy and attainments in life. The Karma Index is a great tool that can be used to inform you of helping you live your overall life better! It will give you an indication of what you can expect as far as a particular event that may be surfacing and it can also give you an indication of when a good time to start something new is or when to hold back and sit and wait until a certain astrological period of time is favourable.

Our Karmic Index is also combined with other transitioning planets, these planets also include the sun, the moon, the planet Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. In total there are 12 different houses, based on our very own personal horoscope, as well as our date of birth. The planet Jupiter allows us to look into various periods of our lives that sometimes may push us around. Jupiter can identify all of our turning points and give us important and clear astrological factors that influence our strategies to manage our very own personal lives. By being aware of these factors we can minimise the negative experiences that you have with positive experiences.

The planet Jupiter is by far the most auspicious planet out of all of them. Jupiter brings about major changes within our life. Jupiter can bring about professional and personal growth as well as marital happiness, health, travel and financial prosperity. To learn more about how the planets in Indian Astrology Charts work, please feel free to contact your local Hindu Astrologist in Melbourne.

The Tri Transit Report

The next report that Indian astrologers use is the Tri Transit Report, this report tells us all about the positioning and placement of planets such as Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu and their positive and negative effects on our overall lives. In general Indian Astrologers are able to determine our fate by the movements of our planets within our zodiac signs. As each one of those planets move into its very own respective pace, it connects with our various zodiac signs and then goes retrograde with direct movements. After this takes place Hindu Astrologers in Melbourne are able to keep an eye on its movements so that they can give detailed reports on it effects. During this process Saturn transits into your sign and then effects Jupiter, thus effecting Ketu’s transit. The Tri Transits affects your house of love, marriage, relationships, alliances, partnerships, and litigation, your general success and your travel plans.

Rahu and Ketu Report

Vedic Astrology shows how the planets in astrology provide vital information into our shadow plants, The North Node and the South Node. Another Planet that Indian Astrologers have extensive knowledge is the Node of Rahu, this planet is the one that brings us material gains in various sectors of our lives. If Rahu is well placed, then you will most likely receive bundles of happiness and prosperity. In the case that Rahul is not well positioned then you may experience loss of power, legal hassles and misfortune.

The next astrological node is called Ketu, this astrological energy is responsible for detachment of our minds, spiritual knowledge and our own personal level of religiousness. If the transit at the time of your birth is highly unfavourable, then mental health issues such as depression, conflict or misunderstandings may take place throughout certain periods of your life. If you are looking to rectify and type of depression, anxiety or unfavourable circumstances, than you can always get in touch with an Indian Astrologer in Melbourne so that they can draw up extensive individual charts for yourself so that you can rectify the situation through clear and helpful remedies set out by your experienced astrologer.

The Planet Saturn

Saturn has a significant job to do in order to bring balance to our everyday lives! When Saturn transits it brings about great karnic balance to our lives, in order for this to happen Saturn must first move over and then the second and twelfth house must move from the moon in an individual’s natal chart so that Saturn can transit, this significant move only happens every 2.5 years. Every human goes through three cycles of Saturn throughout their life, theses three 2.5 years cycles are combined together and are teamed up with the Sade Sati period of Saturn, or you can say the 7.5 years cycle of Saturn.

During these 2.5 years cycles you will find that the moon is extremely important, the importance of the moon helps us bring back positive feelings of happiness and balance so that we can feel composed. The moon Yantra is a very important and powerful mode, this mode brings us balance and contentment in our everyday lives. Indian Vedic Astrologers that concentrate purely on the planets can explain extensively on how they all work in general and how they work for you personally. To find out more information about how Indian Astrology can work for you please contact a Hindu Astrologist in Melbourne for further information.

The Sun and Saturn

The Sun and Saturn co exist in divine relationship with one another! Every planet revolves around the sun, therefore giving their individual effects on your zodiac planet. The Sun and Saturn has a job of its own, they are meant to impact on your life through your birth chart. They bring lightness into your life and diminish the darkness that may have entered in your life at various times.

Vedic Charts help Hindu Astrologers to delve into your personalised charts so that they can ascertain and pinpoint the direct areas in your life that need direction or redirection. The sun, which is the symbol of your basic personality, demeanour, personality, authority and intelligence, will give you confidence, leadership and power if it is well placed on your birth chart.

In the case that the sun is not in the correct placement, you will find low self esteem, depression, poor self discipline, fear, darkness and general obstruction in your life. The sun also controls life and death, your home life, your financial status and children, all of these life events appear on your natal chart. When your natal chart favours Saturn, then you will find it brings self preservation and a strong sense of survival within your life and the challenges we face as human beings!

If you are looking for more information on the planets and how they are used within Indian Astrology, then why not give a Hindu Astrologer in Melbourne a call today. They can give you clear, precise answers to all of your questions and then draw up detailed reports using Vedic Astrology. Not only will they provide you with detailed astrological reports, they will also tell you what you need to do to rectify detail situations in your life and how to remedy them in the long term. Life is all about balance, Indian Astrologers will be able to help you bring anything that is out of balanced in your life and bring it back into balance, so that you will feel happy, healthy and prosperous throughout your life!

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