Woman Molested on the Street’s in Bengaluru

Woman Molested on the Street’s in Bengaluru

(Disclaimer: The content of this video may me confronting to some viewer’s as it contains violence).

On New Years Day 2017 two men were seen groping a woman in horrifying CCTV footage! Apparently the incident had taken place around 2.30 am on Sunday morning, the entire incident had been recorded by a camera that had been installed off a house that was located house off Kammanahalli 5th Main Road in East Bengaluru.

Initially the footage showed that the woman had just left a auto rickshaw and was on her way home, which was just meters away from where the molestation took place.

The footage clearly shows that two men on the streets of Bengaluru were on a scooter when one man jumped off and blocked a woman’s path as she walked down the street. One of the assilents was seen groping the woman as she tried to get away from him. The woman tries her hardest to resist the attack and slaps the assilent, however the man drags her towards his partner on the scooter and pins her down.

The footage also clearly shows that people passing by witnessed the incident, watching on as the clearly distressed woman tried to fight off her attackers. None of them came to her aid and she tried desperately to fight them off, eventually the distraught woman was thrown on the grown ad her attackers fled on scooter.

The residents of the home where the CCTV camera was installed, saw the footage and reported the incident to the police. Apparently on the 31st of December, as midnight was approaching, many women were reported to have been groped, harassed and stalked as they left a party that was located on the MG Road right in the heart of Bengaluru. During this time, it has been noted that police were either unable to help or simply unwilling to assist the victims that were subjected to this abuse.

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