A Journey Beyond Boundaries – Sydney’s biggest fundraiser for beyondblue*


A Journey Beyond Boundaries – Sydney’s biggest fundraiser for beyondblue*

  • Date: 24th Oct 2015
  • Time: Doors Open 6PM
  • Venue: Greenhalgh Theatre, UTS Kuring-Gai, Linfield, NSW

KALAA 4 CHARITY announces Sydney’s biggest fundraiser for beyondblue by an Indian Community Group, ‘A Journey Beyond Boundaries (#AJBB)’. AJBB is a theatrical show put together by this young group, which will take the audience on a fascinating cultural journey across the Indian Subcontinent. The show will be held on the 24th Oct 2015 at UTS Kuring-Gai’s Greenhalgh Theatre in Lindfield and all proceeds will be donated to beyondblue.

Following the success of their debut show ‘A Night to Remember (#AN2R)’ which raised in excess of $12,000 for Cancer Council NSW; Kalaa 4 Charity is gearing up to break their record in an attempt to raise $15,000 for beyondblue.

In this stage show Kalaa 4 Charity is aiming to raise awareness about beyondblue and try to remove the sigma in our community about mental illness. This year Kalaa 4 Charity is putting together a 2.5 hours stage production will take the audience on a cultural journey across the Indian Subcontinent. The story revolves around a guy (Jack) from Pakistan origin and a girl (Sonnie) from India, who won free tickets to a cultural tour of the Indian Subcontinent. During their journey they get to see mesmerizing dance performances from different regions, funny local characters and encounter memorable experiences. Someone did say a guy and a girl can’t be friends, Jack and Sonnie do fall in love. Although, the physical boundaries between their countries come between their love for each other, the story progresses to prove that ‘we are the same after all’.
Kalaa 4 Charity is providing an opportunity to volunteers and learn the art of giving back to the community. They have recruited more than 80 local performers after auditioning for AJBB. They also recruited about 30 volunteers who are continuously doing fundraising BBQs across Sydney.

Mr. Peter Donnell will be speaking on the day on behalf of beyondblue. He will be talking about his personal experiences and how beyondblue has helped him

On 24th October, the audience will also have access to extensive photography and videography done by Unveiled Presentation and authentic Indian food for snacks and dinner by Dal Bukhara Indian restaurant. Hanson constructions is also providing monetary support to this event.

Kalaa 4 Charity was founded in 2013 by Sid Jain and Rishabh Satsangi with a vision to give back to the community and to give a quality platform to local talent. Aanchal Chaturvedi and Amrita Lodhia joined the team for Kalaa 4 Charity’s first production in March 2014 ‘A Night to Remember (#AN2R)’.

Kalaa 4 Charity believes in their motto ‘Bring Awareness – Create Opportunities’.

The tickets for AJBB are on sale at www.kalaa4charity.com.au.

If you would like more information on this topic, please contact Kalaa 4 Charity team at info@kalaa4charity.com.au

*By an Indian community group

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